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Bourse de recherche Margaret Angus

Margaret Angus Research Fellowship 2017 

Call for applications

Value: $4600.00
Application Deadline: 13 March 2017 at 4:00 p.m. 

The Museum of Health Care is accepting proposals for a resident 16-week summer research fellowship (May-September), which will investigate a topic relevant to the history of health and health care. The fellow will communicate the results of their research by posting updates on a biweekly blog, producing a scholarly manuscript that will become part of the Museum’s collection, and giving a public lecture in the fall. 

Topics of research should focus on artefacts in the Museum’s collections or key developments/individuals in the history of health care. It must clearly relate to the history and/or science of health and health care. 

A list of research topics of current interest to the Museum can be found at Topics of previous fellowships are listed at collections/research-fellowship.html. 

Candidates considering applying for the Fellowship may arrange an interview with Museum staff to discuss possible topics and their proposal prior to submission. 

• Senior undergraduate students and recent graduates of Honours Bachelor, Master's or PhD programs in any discipline are preferred. The Fellow is expected to reside in the Kingston area for the duration of the Fellowship. Interaction with Museum staff is strongly encouraged. 

The goals of the fellowship are: 
  • to develop an appreciation of the value of the history of health care 
  • to become familiar with research methodology in the history of health care 
  • to gain experience in historical research in the history of health care 
  • to make a contribution towards understanding the artefacts in the Museum's 
  • collection and its reference materials 
  • to understand the role of health care museums in the history of health care 

Fellowship Expectations: 

• Engage in research that includes archival materials, artefacts from the Museum collection, and as appropriate photographs, illustrations, and other visual materials.  

Post a bi weekly blog on a topic that arises from the research or offers an update on progress and, as appropriate, use other forms of social media to engage the public in the topic and research progress. 

Prepare a scholarly manuscript that is submitted by the end of the fellowship 

Give a public presentation based on the manuscript and other research findings. 

The presentation could be a formal lecture, or any form of presentation of the material including on line exhibit etc. 

Applications must include: 
  • A letter of application explaining the candidate’s interest in the fellowship, detailing their suitability for the position, and noting their selected topic. 
  • An up-to-date CV including the candidate’s name, address and contact 
  • information; education to date; previous employment experience; and other relevant activities. 
  • A brief research proposal (300-350 words), which describes the topic and 
  • proposed research plan, reasons for the candidate’s choice of this topic, and how the project would utilize the Museum’s collections, reference materials, and/or exhibits, and/or enhance the Museum’s educational programs. 
  • Two academic letters of reference. 

Submit your application to: 

Dr. Jane Errington - Chair, Program Committee
Museum of Health Care, Ann Baillie Building, 32 George Street Kingston, ON K7L 2V7
*All digital applications MUST be submitted in .doc, .rtf, or .pdf format 

Applications must be received by 13 March 2017. Selection of the Fellow will be confirmed by 25 March 2017 

For further inquiries, contact at 613-548-2419 or

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