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Les médecins et leurs patients

Medical Practice, 1600-1900. 
Physicians and Their Patients

Martin Dinges, Kay Peter Jankrift, Sabine Schlegelmilch and Michael Stolberg

ISBN13: 9789004303294

Drawing in particular on physicians’ casebooks, Medical Practices, 1600-1900 studies the changing nature of ordinary medical practice in early modern Europe. Combining case studies on individual German, Austrian and Swiss practitioners with a comparative analysis across the centuries, it offers the first comprehensive and systematic overview of the major aspects of premodern practitioners daily work and business – from diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and the kinds of patients treated to financial issues, record keeping and their place in contemporary society.

Martin Dinges and Michael Stolberg

1 Cornucopia Officinae Medicae: Medical Practice Records and Their Origin
Volker Hess and Sabine Schlegelmilch

2 Doctors and Their Patients in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries
Marion Baschin, Elisabeth Dietrich-Daum and Iris Ritzmann

3 Daily Business: The Organization and Finances of Doctors’ Practices
Philipp Klaas, Hubert Steinke and Alois Unterkircher

4 Medicine in Practice: Knowledge, Diagnosis and Therapy
Annemarie Kinzelbach, Stephanie Neuner and Karen Nolte

5 Medical Practice in Context: Religion, Family, Politics and Scientific Networks
Ruth Schilling and Kay Peter Jankrift

6 ‘What a Magnificent Work a Good Physician is’: The Medical Practice of Johannes Magirus (1615–1697)
Sabine Schlegelmilch

7 Observationes et Curationes Nurimbergenses: The Medical Practice of Johann Christoph Götz (1688–1733)
Annemarie Kinzelbach, Susanne Grosser, Kay Peter Jankrift and Marion Ruisinger

8 Social Mobility and Medical Practice: Johann Friedrich Glaser (1707–1789)
Ruth Schilling

9 Medical Bedside Training and Healthcare for the Poor in the Würzburg and Göttingen Policlinics in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
Stephanie Neuner and Karen Nolte

10 Unlicensed Practice: A Lay Healer in Rural Switzerland
Alois Unterkircher and Iris Ritzmann

11 Administrative and Epistemic Aspects of Medical Practice: Caesar Adolf Bloesch (1804–1863)
Lina Gafner

12 Franz von Ottenthal: Local Integration of an Alpine Doctor’s Private Practice (1847–1899)
Elisabeth Dietrich-Daum, Marina Hilber and Eberhard Wolff

13 A Special Kind of Practice? The Homeopath Friedrich von Bönninghausen (1828–1910)
Marion Baschin

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