mardi 25 mai 2021

Les archives de l'hôpital Brompton

Graft, grace and gratitude: encounters with the Brompton Hospital archive

Talk by Giskin Day, Imperial College London

18.00-19.00 GMT, Thursday 10 June 2021

This event is FREE. Please register via Eventbrite (link below)

It is a Zoom event.

Giskin Day discusses her work on gratitude in healthcare, and the Brompton Hospital archives held at Barts Health NHS Trust Archives.

Giskin Day is a Principal Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London where she leads on medical humanities, a discipline that explores the cultural contexts of medicine. She is also studying for a PhD in health sciences research at King’s College London on the topic of the expression and reception of gratitude in healthcare. In her talk she will discuss her experiences working with material from the historic archives of the Royal Brompton Hospital, and the findings of her research so far.

This is the first in a series of free online talks, organised by Barts Health NHS Trust Archives and Museums, from researchers who have spent time in our archives. Visit our ‘Events’ page to find out about further talks as they are announced:

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