mercredi 31 mars 2021

L'histoire de la tuberculose dans les communautés autochtones

Historical Photographs are Health Records: Indigenous Tuberculosis History as Community-Engaged Research in Manitoba

JEUDI 15 AVRIL 2021 À 14 H 00 EDT

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Join as the SRSC hosts Dr. Erin Millions and Dr. Mary Jane Logan McCallum from the University of Winnipeg to discuss the photographic history of tuberculosis in indigenous communities in Manitoba.

Dr. Mary Jane Logan McCallum is Professor of History and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People, History and Archives at the University of Winnipeg. She studies and teaches about modern Indigenous with a focus on federal Indian policy and Ontario and Manitoba First Nations health, education, labour and social history.
Dr. Erin Millions is a settler historian who researches and teaches histories of settler colonialism, children, family, education, and Indigenous health. She is currently the Research Director for the CIHR-funded Manitoba Indigenous Tuberculosis Photo Project at the University of Winnipeg.

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