jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Faire l'histoire du sport

Making Sport History: Disciplines, identities and the historiography of sport 

Pascal Delheye (Editor)

Series: Routledge Research in Sports History
Hardcover: 262 pages
Publisher: Routledge (July 8, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0415533619

The field of sport history is a relatively new research domain, situated at the intersection of a number of disciplines and sub-disciplines. This interdisciplinarity has created interesting avenues for growth and fresh thinking but also inherent problems of coherence and identity. Making Sport History examines the development of an academic community around sport history, exploring the roots of the discipline, its current boundaries, borders and challenges, and looking ahead at future prospects. Written by a team of world-leading sport historians, with commentaries from scholars working outside of the sport historical mainstream, the book considers key themes in the historiography of sport, including:

The relationship between history, sport studies and physical education

Comparative analysis of the role of historians in the writing of sport history

Modern and post-modern approaches to sport history

Race, gender and the sport historical establishment

The role of scholarly organisations, conferences and journals in discipline-building

Presenting new perspectives on what constitutes sport history and its core methodologies, the book helps explain why historians have become interested in sport, why they’ve chosen the topics they have, and how their work has influenced the wider world of history and been influenced by it. Making Sport History is essential reading for any advanced student, scholar or researcher with an interest in sport history, historiography, or the history and philosophy of the social sciences.

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