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Histoire médicale de la peau

A Medical History of Skin : Scratching the Surface

Editors: Jonathan Reinarz & Kevin Patrick Siena
  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Ltd (Feb 20 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 1848934130
  • ISBN-13: 978-1848934139

Scratching The Surface: an Introduction – Kevin Siena and Jonathan Reinarz

Part I: The Emerging Skin Field
1 Drain, Blister, Bleed: Surgeons Open and Close the Skin in Georgian London – Lynda Payne
2 Abominable Ulcers, Open Pores and a New Tissue: Transforming the Skin in the Norwegian Countryside 1750–1850 – Anne Kviem Lie
3 Protecting the Skin of the British Empire: St Paul’s Bay Disease in Quebec – James Moran
4 ‘Italic Scurvy’, ‘Pellarina’, ‘Pellagra’: Medical Reactions to a New Disease in Italy, 1770–1815 – David Gentilcore

Part II: Skin, Stigma and Identity
5 The Moral Biology of ‘the itch’ in Eighteenth-Century Britain – Kevin Siena
6 Syphilis, Backwardness and Indigenous Skin Lesions through French Physicians’ Eyes in the Colonial Maghreb, 1830–1930 – Adrien Minard
7 Discovering the ‘Leper’: Shifting Attitudes towards Leprosy in Twentieth-Century Uganda – Kathleen Vongsathorn
8 Sex and Skin Cancer: Kaposi’s Sarcoma Becomes the ‘Stigmata of AIDS’, 1979–1983 – Richard A McKay

Part III: Skin, Disease and Visual Culture
9 ‘An Alteration in the Human Countenance’: Inoculation, Vaccination and the Face of Smallpox in the Age of Jenner – Matthew L Newsom Kerr
10 Portraying Skin Disease: Robert Carswell’s Dermatological Watercolours – Mechthild Fend
11 Atavistic Marks and Risky Practices: The Tattoo in Medico-Legal Debate, 1850–1950 – Gemma Angel
12 ‘Kissed by the Sun’: Tanning the Skin of the Sick with Light Therapeutics, c.1890–1930 – Tania Woloshyn
13 ‘Classic, Characteristic or Typical’: The Skin and the Visual Properties of External Anthrax Lesions – James F Stark
Afterword: Reading the Skin, Discerning the Landscape: A Geo-historical Perspective of our Human Surface – Philip K Wilson

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