dimanche 12 décembre 2021

Le genre et l'histoire mondiale

Gender and world history

Call for papers

From the editorial committee of Entremons: UPF Journal of World History, we invite you to send an original text, which we can publish in the next edition of our journal. We are looking for academic articles, as well as reviews of recently published books, which address the ways in which gender intersects with world history.

Suggested themes:

· The origin of gendered inequalities

· Gender and the capitalist economies.

· Masculinities and feminities

· Gender and colonialism

· Slavery and gender

· Gender and political culture

· Maintenance of gendered practices

· Gender, relationships and conceptions of family.

· Childhood and the socialization of gender norms.

· Gender and religion.

In order to be considered, texts should be sent via email to revista.entremons@upf.edu.

If you have any further queries, especially regarding formatting queries and word limits please visit our website - http://entremons-eng.weebly.com/

Or feel free to get in touch directly via email - revista.entremons@upf.edu.

For both novice and more experienced researchers, this is a valuable opportunity to share your work within a truly flourishing academic field. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to welcoming you into our project!

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