lundi 31 mai 2021

Histoire sociale de la psychiatrie en Grande-Bretagne

Mind, State and Society. Social History of Psychiatry and Mental Health in Britain 1960–2010

Edited by George Ikkos & Nick Bouras

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Expected online publication date: June 2021
Print publication year: 2021
Online ISBN: 9781911623793 


“Mind, State and Society examines the reforms in psychiatry and mental health services in Britain during 1960–2010, when de-institutionalisation and community care coincided with the increasing dominance of ideologies of social liberalism, identity politics and neoliberal economics. Featuring contributions from leading academics, policymakers, mental health clinicians, service users and carers, it offers a rich and integrated picture of mental health, covering experiences from children to older people; employment to homelessness; women to LGBTQ+; refugees to black and minority ethnic groups; and faith communities and the military. It asks important questions such as: what happened to peoples’ mental health? What was it like to receive mental health services? And how was it to work in or lead clinical care? Seeking answers to questions within the broader social-political context, this book considers the implications for modern society and future policy”.

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