mardi 21 avril 2020

Le handicap et les victoriens

Disability and the Victorians. Attitudes, interventions, legacies

Edited by Iain Hutchison, Martin Atherton and Jaipreet Virdi

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-5261-4571-0
Pages: 216
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Price: £80.00
Published Date: March 2020

Disability and the Victorians brings together in one collection a range of topics, perspectives and experiences from the Victorian era that present a unique overview of the development and impact of attitudes and interventions towards those with impairments during this time. The collection also considers how the legacies of these actions can be seen to have continued throughout the twentieth century right up to the present day. Subjects addressed include deafness, blindness, language delay, substance dependency, imperialism and the representation of disabled characters in popular fiction. These varied topics illustrate how common themes can be found in how Victorian philanthropists and administrators responded to those under their care. Often character, morality and the chance to be restored to productivity and usefulness overrode medical need and this both influenced and reflected wider societal views of impairment and inability.

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