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Bourses de voyage des archives de Purdue University

Purdue University Archives research travel grants

Call for applications

The Purdue University Archives & Special Collections welcomes applications for its 2019/2020 Research Travel Grants. The purpose of these grants is to support the research of faculty, students, and independent scholars whose research cannot progress satisfactorily without consulting the materials onsite. Grants of up to $2000 will be awarded to individual scholars to support their travel. 

Noteworthy collecting areas include:

Flight and Space Exploration: The Barron Hilton Flight and Space Exploration Archives collects original, rare, and unique materials that relate to the history of flight and space exploration, particularly materials that reveal the impact Purdue University’s teaching and research has had on aeronautics and astronautics. The Archives include the papers of faculty and alumni who served as astronauts, pilots, engineers, and aerospace professionals. Notable collections include the papers of Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan, James “Jimmy” Johnson, and Janice Voss. Hilton Flight Archives website:

Psychoactive Substances Research Collection: This collecting area documents the history of research on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, and is particularly relevant given the present re-emergence of psychedelic research. Highlights include the papers of Charles Savage, William Richards, and Stanislav Grof, psychiatrists who were involved in major research studies at the Spring Grove State Hospital in the 1960s; the papers of David Nichols, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Medicinal Chemistry who taught at Purdue from 1974 until 2012 and is internationally recognized for his work on psychedelics and MDMA; and other smaller collections which document various aspects of psychedelic research spanning a variety of disciplines. Psychoactive Substances Research Collection website:

Women’s Archives: The Susan Bulkeley Butler Women’s Archives was established to proactively document and preserve the legacy of women who helped shape Purdue and Indiana history. Notable collections include the Frank and Lillian Gilbreth personal papers as well as their Library of Management; various collections documenting the history of the Deans of Women at Purdue; the Sisters for Health Education (S.H.E.) records; and the Paulina T. Merritt papers on the Indiana Women’s Suffrage Movement, among others. Women’s Archives website:

Purdue University History: The University Archives includes records of Purdue University’s departments, reflecting the founding, growth and evolution of the land-grant university for the State of Indiana and its mission to provide education in the agricultural and mechanical arts. The Research Center also collects papers of noteworthy Purdue alumni, faculty, and staff, including famed typographer and book designer Bruce Rogers; author, playwright and folklorist George Ade; “Dean of American Cartoonists” John T. McCutcheon; motion studies expert and engineering educator Lillian M. Gilbreth; and educator and diversity advocate Cornell Bell. Small, but significant, collections documenting the histories of Purdue’s diversity centers, including the Black Cultural Center and the LGBTQ Resource Center, have been established and continue to grow.

Rare Books and Early Manuscripts: Rare book collections include the history of engineering, science, and transportation, particularly railroads history, canals, and aviation (Goss Library of the History of Engineering); the history of economics and political thought (Krannert Special Collection); the history of typography and book design (Bruce Rogers Collection); and books about Indiana history or written by Indiana authors. The libraries of authors Charles Major and George Ade are also included in the collection. The Center has three 16thcentury manuscript codices as well as a collection of 12 ancient and medieval manuscript leaves covering a wide range of time periods, places of origin, and scripts, for scholars interested in manuscript studies and the history of the book. More information:

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Deadline for applications: July 7, 2019

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Stephanie Schmitz, Betsy Gordon Archivist for Psychoactive Substances Research
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