vendredi 25 mai 2018

Nouvelles recherches en histoire de la médecine

New Research in the History of Medicine and Science 


Durham, 22 June 2018
The Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease (CHMD) is a Research Centre that provides a focus for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and postgraduate education in the history of medicine, health, disease, and medical ethics. Its forthcoming workshop, New Research in the History of Medicine and Science, will take place on Friday, 22 June 2018, Pennington Room, Grey College, Durham University. Please see below for the programme:

9.30 Arrival and Coffee/Tea

9.50 Welcome (Holger Maehle)

10.00 Andy Byford:
‘The Revolutionary Rise of Soviet Child Science, 1917-1927’

10.40 Matthew Eddy:
‘Thinking with Pen and Paper: Cognition, Inscription and Early Developmental Psychology’

11.20 Cheryl Lancaster:
‘“Fundamental Unity”: Early nineteenth century studies in evolution and embryology’

12.00 Buffet Lunch

12.40 Holger Maehle:
‘Silence or Negotiation? Doctor-Patient Dialogue and the Questions of Consent and Truth in Late Nineteenth-Century England’

13.20 Ursula Mulcahy:
‘What did Eighteenth-Century Scottish Surgeons Actually Do?’

14.00 Coffee/Tea Break

14.20 Tom Rossetter:
‘“Why the frame or Machine of an humane Body…, having that construction of parts and those faculties which it hath, last so short a time?”: The puzzle of antediluvian longevity and postdiluvian brevity of life in Thomas Burnet’s theory of the earth’

15.00 Olly Teregulova:
‘What is it Like to be an Atom? The Personification of Objectivity in H. G. Wells’s Short Stories’

15.40 End

The workshop is supported by a grant of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Durham University to the Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease.

For catering purposes, please confirm your attendance with Mrs Anjli Ansari by 12 June.

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