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Histoires transculturelles des psychothérapies

Towards Transcultural Histories of Psychotherapies

European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling, 20 (1), 2018

Guest Editor: Sonu Shamdasani

Introduction to special issue ‘Towards transcultural histories of psychotherapies’
Del Loewenthal Editor-in-Chief

Towards transcultural histories of psychotherapies
Sonu Shamdasani

Suggestion, persuasion and work: Psychotherapies in communist Europe
Sarah Marks

Manualizing psychotherapy: Aaron T. Beck and the origins of Cognitive Therapy of Depression
Rachael I. Rosner

Modernist Pills against Brazilian Alienism (1920–1945)
Cristiana Facchinetti

Buddhism, Christianity, and psychotherapy: A three-way conversation in the mid-twentieth century
Christopher Harding

Inferiority and bereavement: Implicit psychological commitments in the cultural history of Scottish psychotherapy
Gavin Miller

Towards trans-cultural histories of psychotherapies
Hans Pols

Transcultural histories of psychotherapy
Keir Martin

Book Reviews  

Slavoj Žižek and radical politics
Nebojša Blanuša

Diagnostic cultures: A cultural approach to the pathologisation of modern life
Anne Cooke

Immigrants and refugees. Trauma, perennial mourning, prejudice and border psychology
Diana Brotherton

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