mardi 28 mars 2017

Les corps au-delà des frontières

Bodies Beyond Borders. Moving Anatomies, 1750–1950

Kaat Wils, Raf de Bont, Sokhieng Au (eds)
Leuven University Press
€ 59,50, ISBN 978 94 6270 094 9
17 x 23 cm, Paperback, 304 p.

Around 1800 anatomy as a discipline rose to scientific prominence as it undergirded the Paris-centred clinical revolution in medicine. Although classical anatomy gradually lost ground in the following centuries, general anatomy remained pivotal in the teaching of medicine. Corpses, anatomical preparations, models, and drawings were used more intensively than ever before. Moreover, anatomy received new forms of public visibility. Through public exhibitions and lectures in museums and fairgrounds, anatomy became part of general education and secured a place in popular imagination. 

Bodies Beyond Borders analyzes the notion of circulation in anatomy. Following anatomy through different locations and cultural domains permits a deeper understanding of its history and its changing place in society.

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