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Epidémies et catastrophes naturelles dans la Horde d'or

Epidemics and Natural Disasters in the Golden Horde and the Neighboring Territories (13th­16th centuries)

Call for papers

M.A.Usmanov Center for Research on the Golden Horde and Tatar Khanates of Sh.Marjani Institute of History of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan invites you to submit your papers for publication in an international and interdisciplinary collection of research papers “Epidemics and Natural Disasters in the Golden Horde and the Neighboring Territories (13th–16th centuries)”.

The collection will focus on interdisciplinary research methods revealing the processes of interaction between man, nature and society during the “Black Death” period in the Magna Tartaria region and will provide materials for the study of epidemic, natural, environmental and climate changes and disasters, variations of adaptation strategies; as well as cultural, military, political and economic factors, cultural elements of human impact on the natural environment, practices of landscape transformation in the Magna Tartaria and neighboring regions.

The second pandemic of “Black Death” was a kind of Rubicon that separated the era of the Middle Ages from the Modern Times, medieval scholasticism from anthropocentrism and rationalism, feudalism from capitalism. According to unconfirmed data the total number of deceased around the world amounted to about 60 – 80 million people. Its consequence were both tremendous social and political upheaval as well as very powerful technological breakthrough. The new world that emerged on the ruins of the old one, brought to the human communities totally different ideas about the state and administrative structure, ethnic, linguistic, religious, inter-cultural and inter-civilizational relations. In any case, these changes were not readily apparent to their contemporaries. Only recently, researchers have attempted to comprehensively reconsider the theme of “The Epidemic of the Black Death and Its Impact on Economic and Social Development”. The result of these studies was the publication of information on Western Europe, the Middle East and China to some extent. However, similar findings are not yet available regarding the Magna Tartaria (the Golden Horde) and neighboring regions (Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Anatolia, Persia).

We will accept papers after preliminary approval of their topics. Papers should be written in English (with an extensive summary in Russian) or Russian with an extensive English summary.

Deadline for submitting papers: November 20, 2016.

Please adhere strictly to these requirements!

We ask the researchers to submit their papers to Timur Khaydarov: or to the Center’s email:

Coordinator of the Collection: Head of the Center Ilnur Mirgaleev. E-mail:

We invite the colleagues to get acquainted with our journal “Golden Horde Review”:

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