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Histoire de la psychologie en Amérique latine

Universitas Psychologica special issue dedicated to History of Psychology

Año 2014 - Volumen 13 - Número 5

Edited by Hugo Klappenbach (Universidad Nacional de San Luís, Argentina), Ana Maria Talak (Universidad de La Plata, Argentina), Cristiana Facchinetti (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil) and Ana Jacó (Universidad do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil).

Presentation Special Issue Consolidation of the history of psychology in Latin and Iberoamerica.
Ana Maria Talak, Ana Maria Jacó-Vilela, Hugo Klappenbach

The Idea of Rational Psychology in Christian Wolff’s German Metaphysics (1720) 
Saulo Araujo, Thiago Constâncio Ribeiro Pereira

Stray Women: Psychology and Prostitution in Postwar Spain
Javier Bandrés, Eva Zubieta, Rafael Llavona

Scientific Exchanges between France and Brazil in the History of Psychology. The Role of Georges Dumas between 1908 and 1946
Carolina S Bandeira de Melo, Regina de Freitas Campos

The Child Mental Hygiene Clinic in Brazil. Psychology as a Resource
Roselania Francisconi Borges, Maria Lucia Boarini

Medicine, Mental Health and Psy Knowledge in the Construction of Maternity and Childhood in Argentina: an Analisys through the Journal Madre y Niño (1934-1935)
Ana Briolotti, Sebastián Matías Benítez

Applied Psychology. The Case of the Baer, Wolf and Risley Prescriptions for Applied Behavior Analysis
Heliodoro Carpintero Capell, Victoria del Barrio, Richard Mababu

Mental test implementation in the National Technical School in the period between 1942 and 1959: An analysis from the questioning of the notions of center and periphery
Alexandre de Carvalho Castro

Foundational Psychological Clues of Citizenry Self-Government: the “Psychology of the Spanish People” as a Case Study (1902-1918)
Jorge Castro Tejerina

A Brief History of Psychology in the City of La Plata (1906-1966)
Alejandro Dagfal

Psychology and social policies: A historical overview of psychological practice in Brazilian Public Health
Isabel Fernandes de Oliveira, Dr. Oswaldo Hajime Yamamoto

Georg F. Nicolai: Aports for Study of Pavlov Ideas in Argentina
Fernando José Ferrari

Psychology and Mental Hygiene in Brazil: The History to Be Told
Fernanda Freire Figueira, Maria Lucia Boarini

Psychological Publications in the Journal of the Paraguayan Institute
José Emilio García Noce

Henri Wallon in Spanish: Argentine Milestones of a Transnational Itinerary (1935-1976)
Luciano Nicolás García

Germán Greve Schlegel and Reception of Psychoanalysis in Chile: The Story of a “Probably German” Chilean Physician
Mariano Ruperthuz Honorato

European Psychologists in Andean Countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru) in the First Half of the 20th Century
Ramon Leon

“The Inclusion of Parents in the Picture of the Analytic Situation”. Family Psi Disciplines and Values in the Fifties Argentina
Florencia Adriana Macchioli

From a Psychiatric Epidemiology to a Positive Psychology. History of the Scientific Trajectory of María Martina Casullo
Luciana Mariñelarena-Dondena

The “Museum of Psychology” as a Strategy for the Construction of the Oral History of Psychology
Hernán Camilo Pulido Martínez, Luz Mery Carvajal Marín, Lina Maria Plata Castillo, Veronica Rivera Serna

Behavior Therapy and Modelo Latinoamérica; Assembling and Demarcating Psychology in Colombia
Fredy A Mora-Gámez

Production of Psychological Evidence in the Legal Debate about Gay Adoption in Colombia
Paola Moreno

Science and politics in times of the Cold War: A psychological examination of Spanish children in exile
Annette Mülberger

Small Citizens: The Construction of the Child in the First Subjectivity Spanish and Latin American Childcare
José Carlos Loredo Narciandi, Belén Jiménez Alonso

Towards the Experimental and Laboratorial Psychiatry: The Constitution of a German-Brazilian Community in Mental Medicine (1900-1914)
Pedro Felipe Neves de Muñoz

A history of South African (SA) Psychology
Lionel Nicholas

The Overview of a Foreigner. José Ortega y Gasset’s Thinking about Psychology in Argentinian Men and Women
Ana Elisa Ostrovsky, Luis Alberto Moya

War of the Schools and psychology: Colombia 1876
Gilberto Oviedo

Psychological Science and Professionalization in Argentina and Brazil: 1930-1980
María Andrea Piñeda, Ana Jacó-Vilela

Behaviorism reception in Argentina and Brazil: A study of two universities, 1960-1970
Fernando Polanco, Rodrigo Lopes Miranda

Following the tracks of an emerging area: bibliometric analysis of Latin American Political Psychology in the 2000-2010 period
Lucila Polo, Juan Carlos Godoy, Débora Imhoff, Silvina Brussino

Amanda Labarca (1886-1975) and her Psychological References in the Educational Context in Chile
Gonzalo Salas, Rodolfo Mardones, Miguel Gallegos, Fernando P Ponce

Beginnings of Psychology in Córdoba: Teaching at the Institute of Philosophy
Patricia Scherman

A history of educational psychology at Peru
Tomás Caycho

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