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Congrès de l'EAHMH

Cash and Care : Economics and Values in the History of Medicine and Health

Call for papers

Cologne, Germany
2-5 September 2015

Deadline for proposals: 15 December 2014


Requests to: jaegert@uni‐koeln.de; Angela.van‐den‐Ham@uni‐koeln.de

The EAHMH invites submissions for its biennial meeting, to be held in Cologne, Germany, 2‐5 September 2015. The Association welcomes abstracts on the general theme ‘Cash and Care: Economics and Values in the History of Medicine and Health’. 

The tension between the extra‐economic values of human health and disease and the evident need to apply economic criteria to virtually all health‐related activities and agencies, ranging from individuals, institutions and organizations that offer health care to public health policies related to sanitation or social inequities forms a red thread through the history of medicine and health. For centuries conflicts between humanitarian and monetary goals have been reported by healers, patients and (more recently) politicians in all kinds of literature and art. 

Having this economic perspective in mind, it seems as if on both the micro‐level of the patient‐healer relationship and the macro‐level of public health measures sooner or later questions of costs, benefits and cost‐effectiveness of health care affect the discourse. At the same time several works have shown that trust in a specific healer, health institutions or public health measures is dependent on factors beyond the financial accessibility of healing interventions. Often, the way in which disease is conceptualized or the faith patients have in specific healers and their methods seem to outweigh the financial aspects of certain forms of diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics. 

Thus, other forms of capital, in addition to money, have clearly been influential, including social capital as a crucial element in preventive and curative care and human capital, both in healers and in patients and the population at large. However, it is open to question to what extent these different forms of capital are independent of each other or, on the contrary, coexist in close interaction. 

The aim of this conference is to challenge, historicize and reconstruct the relationship between possible forms of capital, concepts and values in the history of medicine and health. 

We invite papers on all aspects of ‘Economics and Values in the History of Medicine and Health’, especially those analyzing and discussing continuities, discontinuities and contingencies in the relationship between medicine and economics. Submissions relating to all historical periods and all regions are welcome, as are submissions from non‐members. 

Possible topics include

  •  Health care for rich and poor
  • Healing, caring and remuneration 
  • Manufacturing trust and the rhetorics of healing 
  • Medicine, performance and charlatanism 
  • Alternative concepts of medicine in their economic context 
  • Political economy of health care 
  • Economy as a possible engine of medicalization 
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industries 
  • The relationship between physicians, institutions, organizations and clinical administration 
  • Historical debates about medical ethics, justice and economy 

Papers addressing recent debates concerning historiography and / or methodology are especially welcomed. 

A special session may be organized on “New Presentism: Medical History Between the Faculties”. This session is intended to investigate and discuss the difficult position of medical historians caught in between the needs of a medical faculty interested in history and the methodological standards of the humanities faculty. Given the current need to prove value and relevance to university and faculty boards, this is an extra challenge in our time. Papers are invited offering analysis, conflicting opinions and problem solving strategies with regard to this issue. 

Abstracts should not exceed one page and should include information on the scientific question examined, the sources and approach used. Abstracts must contain a title, four key words and relevant information on the speaker (name, affiliation, address, email address). In addition to single‐paper proposals, the Scientific Board welcomes proposals for sessions including three or four papers (though these will be judged on their individual merits). The Scientific Board of the EAHMH reserves the right to rearrange sessions in the light of proposals received. Please submit all proposals for papers and sessions to igem‐eahmh@uni‐koeln.de  no later than 15 December 2014. 

15 December 2014: deadline for submission of abstracts 
February 2015: discussion of abstracts by the Scientific Board 
End of February 2015: response to paper / session proposals 

The EAHMH is offering an award of € 500,‐ for the best paper presented at the Cologne conference by a (PhD)student. 

The EAHMH is offering an award of € 3000,‐ for the best medical history monograph published in the four years preceding the Cologne conference.

For the details on both awards, please visit our website: www.eahmh.net

Wendy Kline (West Lafayette, IN)
Paul Unschuld (Berlin)
Nancy Tomes (Stony Brook University) Virginia Berridge (London)

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