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Dernier numéro de Medical History

Medical History

Volume 58 - Issue 04



‘Fight TB with BCG’: Mass Vaccination Campaigns in the British Caribbean, 1951–6
Henrice Altink

‘Recharge My Exhausted Batteries’: Overbeck’s Rejuvenator, Patenting, and Public Medical Consumers, 1924–37
James F. Stark

‘Shell shock’ Revisited: An Examination of the Case Records of the National Hospital in London
Stefanie Caroline Linden and Edgar Jones

Constructing New Expertise: Private and Public Initiatives for Safe Food (Brussels in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century)
Peter Scholliers

Matters of Priority: Herbert Mayo, Charles Bell and Discoveries in the Nervous System
James Bradley

Psychotherapy and Moralising Rhetoric in Galen’s Newly Discovered Avoiding Distress (Peri Alypias)
Sophia Xenophontos

Books reviews

Books also Received

Historical Personalities: Tweeting Standard Narratives in the History of ScienceSocial Media Trends in Medical History
Clarissa Lee

Dialogues on Disability: Social Media as Platforms for ScholarshipSocial Media Trends in Medical History
Jaipreet Virdi-Dhesi

My Own Private IshkabibbleSocial Media Trends in Medical History
Nathaniel Comfort

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