dimanche 17 août 2014

Dernier numéro de Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine

Volume 27 Issue 3 August 2014

Original Articles

Ximo Guillem-Llobat
The Search for International Food Safety Regulation. From the Commission Internationale pour la répression des falsifications to the Société universelle de la Croix Blanche (1879–1909)

David Cantor
Before Survivorship: The Moment of Recovery in Twentieth-century American Cancer Campaigns

Andrew Gardiner
The ‘Dangerous’ Women of Animal Welfare: How British Veterinary Medicine Went to the Dogs

Leslie Tomory
The Question of Water Quality and London's New River in the Eighteenth Century

Simon Szreter
The Prevalence of Syphilis in England and Wales on the Eve of the Great War: Re-visiting the Estimates of the Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases 1913–1916

Liz Ross, Phil Lyon, and Craig Cathcart
Pills, Potions and Devices: Treatments for Hearing Loss Advertised in Mid-nineteenth Century British Newspapers

Elizabeth Toon
The Machinery of Authoritarian Care: Dramatising Breast Cancer Treatment in 1970s Britain

Kristin Asdal
Contesting the Animal Model: Axel Holst and the Controversy over Scurvy and Beriberi

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