jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Histoire de la médecine et de ses sciences soeurs

Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Volume 69 Issue 3 July 2014

Powel Kazanjian
The AIDS Pandemic in Historic Perspective

Katherine A. Chavigny
“An Army of Reformed Drunkards and Clergymen”: The Medicalization of Habitual Drunkenness, 1857–1910

Jessica Slijkhuis and Harry Oosterhuis
Cadaver Brains and Excesses in Baccho and Venere: Dementia Paralytica in Dutch Psychiatry (1870–1920)

Catherine Carstairs
“Our Sickness Record Is a National Disgrace”: Adelle Davis, Nutritional Determinism, and the Anxious 1970s

Susan C. Lawrence
Let's Eat, Let's Worry

In Memoriam

Gerald N. Grob
Sherwin B. Nuland (1930–2014)

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