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Empirisme médical et philosophie de la nature humaine

Medical empiricism and philosophy of human nature in the 17th and 18th centuries

Early Science and Medicin, Volume 18, Issue 4-5, 2013

Ed. Claire Crignon, Carsten Zelle and Nunzio Allocca

Claire Crignon, Carsten Zelle, Nunzio Allocca: Medical empiricism and philosophy of human nature in the 17th and 18th centuries. Introduction

1. Metaphysics and empiricism in quarrel

Claire Crignon: The debate about ‘methodus medendi’ during the second half of seventeenth century in England: modern philosophical readings of classical medical empiricism (Bacon, Nedham, Willis, Boyle)

Anne-Lise Rey: The status of Leibniz’s medical experiments: a provisional empiricism?

Claire Etchegaray: Whytt and the Idea of Power. Challenging the Eighteenth Century Criticism of the Notion of Power in Medicine

2. Arts of empirical research

Guidi Giglioni: Learning to Read Nature: Francis Bacon’s Notion of Experiential Literacy (Experientia Literata)

Domenico Berto Meli: Of Snails and Horsetails: Anatomical Empiricism in the Early Modern Period

3. Relevance of Case Studies

Carsten Zelle: Experiment, observation, self-observation. Empiricism and the ‘reasonable physicians’ of the early Enlightenment

Yvonne Wübben: Writing Case Studies. History and Practices of an Epistemic Genre in Karl Philipp Moritz Magazin zur Erfahrungsseelenkunde

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