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Psychical Research and Parapsychology in the History of Medicine and the Sciences

Registration is now open for our conference Psychical Research and Parapsychology in the History of Medicine and the Sciences, to be held at University College London on 25-27 January 2013. 

To register offline, please contact Andreas Sommer at

Conference Programme

Friday, 25 January
10.00-10.45. Registration
Session 1
10.45. A. Sommer, Welcome & Historiographies of psychical research, or: What does it mean to be rational?
11.30. A. Sech et al., William James and psychical research: Toward a radical science of mind
12.00. R. Noakes, Exceptional phenomena: Congruence of psychical and physical sciences, circa 1870-1930
12.30. Lunch break
Session 2
14.00. I. Kidd, Was Sir William Crookes epistemically virtuous?
14.30. S. Delorme, Physiology or psychic powers? William Carpenter’s notion of ‘unconscious cerebration’ in the debate over spiritualism in mid-Victorian Britain
15.00. T. Trochu, On some unknown historical aspects of the British Society for Psychical Research’s foundation: ‘Mind-reading or muscle-reading?’ A controversy with George Miller Beard
15.30. Tea/Coffee break
Session 3
16.00. R. Evrard, Pierre Janet and the enchanted boundary of psychical research
16.30. J. Gyimesi, Psychical research and psychoanalysis in Hungary
Saturday, 26 January
Session 4
11.00. E. Sutton, Mrs. Piper, ‘mind-cure’, and the medical epistemology of William James
11.30. M.T. Brancaccio, Enrico Morselli and the psychology of spiritism
12.00. S. Shamdasani, Mediumship and serial paradigmicity: S. W. and Jung
12.30 Lunch Break
Session 5
14.00. S. Normandin, Vitalism, psychical research and medical thought in France, 1857-1940
14.30. S. Dieguez, At the margin of the margin: Paul Sollier and unorthodox science at the turn of the XXth century
15.00. A. Puglionesi, The cream puff, the surprise visit, the sudden feeling of danger: relational knowledge-making in psychical research
15.30 Tea/Coffee break
Session 6
16.00. A. Mülberger & A. Graus, Who is talking? Mental dissociation and spiritualist mediumship in Spain
16.30. F. de Sio & C. Marazia, Give me a dog and I will move the earth. Animals as experimental ‘levers’ in the quest for psychic phenomen
17.00. Tea/Coffee break
17.30. Keynote Lecture:
I. Grattan-Guinness, Some remarks on physical mediumship
Sunday, 27 January
Session 7
11.00. J. Kragh, A contested society: psychical research in Denmark, 1905-1950
11.30. G. Blowers et al., ‘Explaining the inexplicable’: The beginnings of psychic research in Republican China (1917-1920)
12.00. E. Bauer, ‘Psychohygiene’ (mental hygiene) and parapsychology
12.30. Lunch break
Session 8
13.30. W. Kramer, The first use of EEG in The Netherlands was within psychical research
14.00. I. Kloosterman, The vital feature of early Dutch parapsychology. Animal magnetism and the Dutch SPR in the 1920s
14.30. H. Wolffram, The medium as criminal: Psychical research, criminology and female criminality in early twentieth-centuryGermany
15.00 Tea/Coffee break
Session 9
15.30. K. Price, Negotiating authority in 1960s dream letters to J.B. Priestley
16.00. A. Thornton, Spirited ladies: Women, psychical research and psychology in the early 20th century
16.30: End

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