mardi 15 septembre 2020

Les arts radicaux du soin

Radical Arts of Care: Feminist Art, Healthcare, and Community 


Call for papers / responses

This panel is part of the CWA 50/50 Initiative

Following a 1982 breast cancer diagnosis, British photographer Jo Spence began documenting her embodied experiences of illness and care. Navigating an increasingly individualized notion of health and care under Margaret Thatcher's newly instituted "healthcare marketplace," Spence reimagines the 1970s feminist adage 'the personal is political' with a renewed sense of urgency. Placing her afflicted and affected body on display in The Picture of Health, she maps the devastating precarity wrought via neoliberal policymaking. Health crises from AIDS and COVID-19 to opioid and cancer highlight our social and economic global interconnectedness, and yet neoliberal States continue to institutionalize entrepreneurial and individualized care practices. With this historic framework in mind, this panel seeks to address the shifting conceptual frameworks of health as carewithin feminist art from the 1970s to the present. From the consciousness-raising performances at the Feminist Studio Program in the 1970s to the "viral" net art of the 1990s, and "bio-art" today, how have feminist artists addressing health crises imagined care outside of institutional frameworks while foregrounding embodiment-activating care as an ethical principle of feminist solidarity and collective responsibility? We invite contributions on the following topics, among many others:
  • performance art as civic action;
  • community healthcare media, from the photographic slide shows of the Women’s Self Health Movement to the posters of the Black Panther Free Clinics and broadcasts of AIDS TV;
  • disability, vulnerability, and institutional frameworks;
  • institutionalizing well-being through neoliberal repackaging of “care”;
  • artist and art worker healthcare protections, including coalitions and unions.

To submit a proposal, please include the following in a single PDF, and send in an email with the subject 'Radical Acts of Care' by September 16th:

1. Completed proposal form (click to download).

2. A short CV, 2 pages in length

3. (optional) related images

Please be advised: should your proposal be selected, CAA requires that presenters have active CAA memberships.

Basia Sliwinska, and Helena Shaskevich,


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