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Les histoires des sciences et de la médecine au 21e siècle

Histories of Science and Medicine for the C21st

Call for Participants

Early Career Workshop: January-March 2022

Department of History and Civilisation, European University Institute, Florence

In person and on Zoom

What are the histories of science and medicine for? What is the relationship between the history of science and the history of medicine? What are the grand narratives that dominated these fields through much of the twentieth century? What has replaced them, and why? Who writes these histories, and who reads them?

This workshop will bring together early career scholars working on topics across the histories of science and medicine, broadly defined, to discuss how their research relates to trends in history and cognate disciplines. We will also reflect on the audiences for this work, academic and non-academic, and the different media that can be used to reach them.

We will meet on alternate Thursdays, in person - Sala del Torrino, Salviati - and on Zoom.

The dates are: 20 January, 3 February, 17 February, 24 February, 3 March, 17 March 2022, 13:00 - 15:00 CET

Participants are expected to attend all of the sessions.

At the first three sessions, participants will be asked to present a key reading, either foundational or disputed, on a topic in their field. 

In the following three sessions, participants will identify and situate a recent non-academic source (e.g. a piece of journalism, creative work, or legal judgment) which has invoked history and/or historical arguments pertinent to their research.

These workshops are designed to supplement and expand how early stage researchers think about their work; provide a collegiate arena in which they can try out bold and playful ideas; and foster links between historians of science and medicine at the EUI, the University of Cambridge, and other research programmes.

Places are limited. To apply, please submit:

a brief cover letter (one page maximum), including your research title and topic, five keywords that describe your work, and the names of two referees; brief CV (three pages maximum).

Applications should be submitted to alba.parrini@eui.eu by noon CET on 6 January. Early submissions are encouraged. References will only be called once participants have been selected.

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