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Les lieux de la médecine

Medicine in its Place: Situating Medicine in Historical Contexts

Call for papers

Society for the Social History of Medicine Conference 2016
7 - 10 July 2016
Canterbury, England, United Kingdom
Hosted by the Centre for the History of Medicine, Ethics and Medical Humanities, University of Kent

The Society for the Social History of Medicine hosts a major, biennial, international, and interdisciplinary conference. In 2016 it will explore the theme of place. The committee conceives 'place' in its broadest sense – from political, spatial, and cultural spaces, to the narrow confines of a patient's hospital bed. The biennial conference is not exclusive in terms of its theme, and reflects the diversity of the discipline of the social history of medicine.

Call for Papers
Proposals that consider all topics relevant to the history of medicine broadly conceived are invited, but the 2016 committee encourages proposals for papers, sessions, and round-tables that examine, challenge, and refine the history of medical and health related spaces from the laboratory to open-air therapy; the body and mind in a range of environments, locales including nation, communities and identities, and issues surrounding ethics and state and private provision of places for medicine. We welcome a range of disciplinary approaches and time periods. However, submissions are not restricted to any area of study, and the committee welcomes proposals on a range of subjects relevant to the history of medicine and place, from the history of architecture to imagined spaces.

The committee encourages proposals advancing innovative thinking based on new research. Paper submissions should include a 250-word abstract including five key words and a short CV. Panel submissions should include three papers (each with a 250-word abstract including five key words short CV), a chair, and a 100-word panel abstract. Round-table submissions should include the names of four participants (each with a short CV), a chair, a 500-word abstract and five key words.

Submissions and queries should be sent to:

Call closes: 1 February 2016

Conference Organizers: Dr Julie Anderson and Professor Ulf Schmidt.

Download: Call for Papers (pdf)

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