mardi 23 décembre 2014

Hygiène, médecine et bien-être

Hygiene, Medicine, and Well-Being

Call for papers

2015 Conference:

"Hygiene, Medicine, and Well-Being in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age" will be the theme for the 2015 conference, first week of May 2015, at the University of Arizona, May 1-3.

Modern myths about medieval and early modern ideas concerning hygiene and health continue to dominate our understanding of the premodern world. People in the past used different approach to hygiene and interpreted well-being perhaps differently than we do today, but they were neither dirty nor sickly. Their societies worked well because they pursued their own hygiene and had, relatively speaking, a functioning medical system in place.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 31, 2015, but feel free to send an inquiry even after that date, to

Dr. Albrecht Classen
University Distinguished Professor
Dept. of German Studies, 301 LSB, The University of Arizona
520 621-1395;;

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