lundi 24 septembre 2012

Blog du réseau sur la peste noire

The Black Death Network

Dear colleagues,
The blog “The Black Death Network. Interdiscplinary approaches to the 14th-century crises in Europe ” just started. This is an initiative arising from a session at the EAA European Association of Archaeologists)/  MERC (medieval Europe research Congress) meeting in Helsinki 2012.
If you are engaged in research connected to the 14th-century crises across Europe we would be very happy for you to join out network. Our aim is to connect students and experienced scholars from all disciplines, to exchange news and ideas and to discuss all aspects of the topic.
We will give all colleagues author rights to write and comment. Please write an email to or some other member of the editorial team. However, we ask you for a introductory blogpost presenting your yourself and your interests in the topic. We sort these posts in a category “researchers” which will create an overview of all persons actively involved. You may post short information about your research, new publications, news on relevant conferences.
The blog is hosted at openedition, a common platform for academic blogs organised by the German Historical Institute at Paris, the French National Library. They will provide a ISSN similar to a journal and will also take care for archiving of the blog. Blog-Posts are therefore a litte bit more official than in private blogs, and therefore can also be cited. We put the texts of the blog under a CC-licence (BY NC SA).
You can follow the blog by rss-feed or by joining the facebook-group “The Black Death Network”. New posts from the blog are connected with this fb-group by an rss-feed.
There is also a group The Black Death Network at zotero collecting bibliographical data of research publications as well as more popular articles.
Rainer Schreg
Richard Thomas
Kerstin Pasda
Cclare Downham

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