dimanche 26 novembre 2023

La culture et le corps reproductif

Culture and the Reproductive Body

Network Symposium

2nd December 2023 9am to 5pm

Thackray Museum of Medicine,
Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7LN

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with optional Curated Tour of the Thackray Archives


Symposium schedule


09:30 to 11:00

Panel 1A – Moynihan Auditorium

Reproduction, Social Class and Mass Address

Fiona Hackney (Manchester Metropolitan)
Common Sense About Sex? Leonora Eyles, Intimate Publics and the Magazine Problem Page 

Tamzin Elliott (Durham)

Pride and Prejudice? Abortion and Social Class in Annie Ernaux and Pauline Harmange Lucy McCormick (Birmingham)

In(Visible): Working-class Pregnancy in Edwardian England

Panel 1B – Hopper Room

Circulating Reproductive Fragments 

Gilly Nevin (Falmouth)
An Encounter with Ambiguity: Helen Chadwick's figure of Harvest as mirror to Victoria Browne's Feminist Philosophy of Miscarriage 

Holly Isard (University of West London)
Mouse Embryos, Cellular Vision and the Circulation of a GIF 

Georgia Granger (Strathclyde)
Curative Semen in Aging Heteromasculinity: Exploring Ejaculation in Western Men’s Health Trends from the 1920s to the Present

COFFEE 11 – 11:30 James Allan Room

11:30 – 1pm

Panel 2A – Moynihan Auditorium
Visual Repositionings

Dominique Carlini Versini (Durham)
Abortion and Sororal Solidarity in Diwan, Haroun and Sciamma 

Josie Cray (Cardiff)
‘[T]he Pose of Love in a Cold White Operating Room’: Reproductive Operations and Surrealism in the work of Frida Kahlo and Anaïs Nin

Panel 2B Hopper Room
Political Repositionings 

Alisha Palmer (Edinburgh)
Mythology, Prophesy and other Reproductive Technologies: Abortion and the Modernist Aesthetics of Constructive Birth Control in Marie Stopes The Vortex of the Damned 

Ània Busquets Carreras (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Broken Mirrors: Social reality under the law of January 24, 1941 for the protection of birth in Spain

LUNCH – 1-2pm James Allan Room

2 – 3:30pm

Panel 3A – Moynihan Auditorium
Reimagining Maternity

· Sophie Haywood (Sheffield)
The (non)Maternal Body of the Eighteenth Century: Ageing Women as Defunct Transactional Sites of Patriarchy

· Claire Horn (Dalhousie University, Canada)
Giving Birth and Being Born

· Jemma Walton (Birkbeck)
Awarded Something Pretty Epic: Surrogacy after Breast Cancer in Sophie Beresiner’s The Mother Project

Panel 3B – Hopper Room
Discipline and Resistance 

Sophie A. Jones (Strathclyde),
Gestation and the Grid: Modular Pregnancy in Post-1960s Film, Art and Photography 

Athira Unni (Leeds Beckett)
Precarity in Contemporary South Asian Reproductive Dystopias 

Zoe L. Tongue (Leeds)
Abortion, Public Health and Human Rights

COFFEE 3:30 – 4pm James Allan Room

4 - 5pm

Summary Discussion in the Moynihan Auditorium

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