jeudi 29 juin 2023

La botanique en médecine et science

Plants in 16th and 17th Century. Botany between Medicine and Science 

 Edited by: Fabrizio Baldassarri

De Gruyter

Volume 8 in the series Medical Traditions

In the pre-modern times, while medicine was still relying on classical authorities on herbal remedies, a new engagement with the plant world emerged. This volume follows intertwined strands in the study of plants, examining newly introduced species that captured physicians' curiosity, expanded their therapeutic arsenal, and challenged their long-held medical theories. The development of herbaria, the creation of botanical gardens, and the inspection of plants contributed to a new understanding of the vegetal world. Increased attention to plants led to account for their therapeutic virtues, to test and produce new drugs, to recognize the physical properties of plants, and to develop a new plant science and medicine.

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