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History of Medicine in Southeast Asia (HOMSEA) 2023

Nanyang Technological University

Thursday 8 June
6.00 Reception

Friday 9 June

KEYNOTE: Doctors Dissenting against the Dictatorship: Medicine, Martial Law, and
Marcos in the Philippines, 1972-1986
Francis A. Gealogo, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

10.15 – 12.15

Parallel Panel 1
Chinese Medicine in Southeast Asia

From Imperial Tribute to Chinese Traditional Medicine as Practiced in Southeast Asia:
the East Asian Tributary System from Han through Qing as the Historical Background
to Chinese Medicine in Southeast Asia
C. Michele Thompson, Southern Connecticut State University, USA

Meditation, Miracles and Medicine: The Vicissitudes of the Zhenkongjiao’s Aetiology of
Health and Disease in East and Southeast Asia (19th century CE – present)
Esmond Chuah Meng Soh, Independent researcher, Singapore

The Five Phases in Chinese Medicine’s Socialist Adaptation: A Textbook-Based
Gao Shanshan, City University of Hong Kong

“To be Seen by the World”: The Unofficial and Everyday Diplomacy of Taiwanese
Chinese Medicine in Southeast Asia and Beyond
Karoline Buchner, Freie Universität Berlin and Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Parallel panel 2
Investigating Traditional Medicine

In Search of Medicine: Imperial Japan’s Research on Traditional Remedies in Vietnam
Nara Oda, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Testing the Enchanted Water: Medical-based Experiments on Traditional
Pharmaceutical Knowledge
Gani Jaelani, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia

The Emergence of Post-Colonial Traditional Indonesian Medicine for Chickens
Tsung Jen Hung, University of Sydney, Australia

12.15 – 1.30 Lunch

1.30 – 3.30
Local Traditions

Divine Scents and Aromatic Medicines: Ruxiang (Frankincense) from the Red Sea to
Maritime Asia
Wee Siang Margaret Ng, College of Wooster, USA

Cancer, Herbal Medicine and the Goddess: Healing and Divine Guidance in Malaysia
Daniel Spigelman, University of Sydney, Australia

Potency and Phitsanu: Healing Efficacy in Southern Lowland Laos
Elizabeth Elliot, Independent scholar

3.00 – 3.30 tea

3.30 – 5.00

Parallel Panel 1
Historiographical Reflections

“Will the Real Traditional Medicine Please Stand Up?”: Reasoning Through the
Politics of Medical Legitimacy
Kathryn Muyskens, National University of Singapore

How To Write Biographies of Indonesian Medical Legends
Rudi Pekerti, Independent scholar, Indonesia

Parallel Panel 2

Psychiatry and Mental Health

Therapy for the Psyche: Non-Western Psychotherapy in Post-Colonial Indonesia,
Iwan Wahyu Widayat, Airlangga University, Indonesia

The History of Psychiatry in Cambodia
Bora Sovady and Ngin Ratanakromanea, University of Health Sciences, Cambodia

6.00 Dinner

Saturday 10 June

9.00 – 10.30

Parallel Panel 1
Health Challenges in Southeast Asia

Anti-Yaws Campaigns in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia: Forgotten Disease,
Incomplete Victories, 1930-1965
Vivek Neelakantan, independent scholar, Mumbai, India

Public Health in the Philippines: the Tuberculosis (TB) epidemic (1950s-1980s)
Arnab Chakraborty, Shanghai University, China

The Bubonic Plague in Central Java
Devi Nur Maharani, State Islamic University Raden Mas Said Surakarta, Indonesia 

Parallel Panel 2
Chinese Medicine in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia

Trans-advertising of Western Pharmaceutical Products and Chinese Pharmaceutical
Products in the SIN PO Newspaper 1923-1941
Zulfa Saumia, Jambi University, Indonesia

Sin Po, Jang Seng Ie, and the Case of Lead Poisoning in Indonesia in the 1930s
Ravando, University of Melbourne, Australia

The Influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Traditional Indonesian Medicine: Challenges in Validating Safety and Efficacy and Preventing Biodiversity Loss
Inggrid Tania, Driyarkara School of Philosophy, Indonesia

Parallel Panel 1
Medical Research in Southeast Asia

Disease Ecology in Postwar Malaya
Jack Greatrex, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Therapeutic Trial of Prophylactic Alkaloids in British Malaya
Jiun Shen Fong, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

To be an Epicenter of Malaria Drug Resistance and Malaria Elimination
Jenna Grant, University of Washington, USA

Parallel Panel 2
Islamic Medicine

Bekam in the Twist of Time: Decolonizing Islamic Medical Knowledge in the Indonesian
Colonial Period

Martina Safitri, UIN Raden Mas Said, Surakarta, Indonesia

Rumah Terapi: Acculturation of Chinese and Islamic Medicine in Indonesia in the 2000s
Fathia Lestari, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati, Indonesia

The Interactions of Arab-Muslim Medicine with Chinese Medicine in the History of the
Health of the Peoples of Southeast Asia
Hachelafi, University of Oran, Algeria

12.30 – 1.30 lunch

1.30 – 3.00

Parallel Panel 1
Western Medicine Goes East

Pioneers of Women’s Health in the Archipelago: Exploring the Life and Role of Dr
Marie Thomas, Dr Sulianti Saroso and Dr Nafsiah Mboi
Sudirman Nasir, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

When the Traditional Midwive is a Man: Intertwined Traditional and Biomedial
Knowledge and Practices around Childbirth in Laos
Pascale Hancart Petitet, Université de Montpellier, France

Filipino Tutelage and Communicating Medicine: Tagalog Articles in Print Media
during the American Regime, 1927-1940
Nikko Jay B. Ramos, Ateneo de Manila, Philippines

Parallel Panel 2
Health and Health Care in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia: Local

The Ethical Policy and Health Services in Plantations, 1900-1930
Wasino, Semarang National University, Indonesia

Health in Jombang: From Disease to the Hygiene Centrum in 1905-1942
Alfian Widi Santoso, Airlangga University, Indonesia

Health Conditions of the North Coast of Java’s Population: Public Health Policy in
Afdeeling Demak and Grobogan, Semarang Residency during the Dutch Colonial
Period, 1900-1942
Endah Sri Hartatik (Diponegoro University), Fortuna Devi Putri Sina, Wasino

3.00 Excursion to Medicinal Garden

7.00 Banquet

Sunday 11 June

Parallel Panel 1
Traditional Medicine in Indonesia

Jamu in Mevrouw Jans’ Perspective
Dennys Pradita, Jambu University; Adi Putra Surya Wardhana, Indonesian Art Institute,
Solo, Indonesia

Obat Asli: Indonesian Doctors, the Jamu Commission and Alternative Medicines for
Malaria from Local Indonesian Materials during World War II
Brad Horton, Waseda University, Japan

Healthy Life with Traditional Medicine and Treatment: Local Ingenuity and Continuity
in Aceh and West Sumatra
Fakhriati, BRIN, Indonesia

Parallel Panel 2
Medical Traditions Crossing Borders

Japanese Medicine Business in Dutch East Indies: Supporter of Indonesian Nationalism
or Glocalization Strategy?
Meta Sekar Astuti, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

Foreign Traditional Medicine: The Thai State and Chinese Medicine Regulations, 1960-
Wattana Keeratichandecha

Pampered patricians and Unprivileged Plebs: Quacks in Colonial and Post-Colonial
Kaushalya Bajpayee, Ministry of Health, Thailand

Medicine, War, and Social Upheaval

Health Issues during the Indonesian Revolution: Women’s Perspectives
Galuh Ambar Sasi, Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia

Battles and Condoms: Fighting Venereal Disease in Mid- 20th Century Asia
Mayumi Yamamoto, Miyagi University, Japan

The New Zealand Surgical Team in Vietnam: a Colombo Plan Civilian Aid Project in a
Military Environment
Susan Heydon, University of Otago, New Zealand

Ways of Medicine at Plantungan Internment Camp, 1971-1979
Amurwani Dwi Lestariningsih, University of Indonesia

12.30- 1.30 lunch

Health, Medicine, and Food

Betel Chewing in Prehistoric Indonesia
Dismas Rienthar and Ashwin Prayudi, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Sex and Marriage in Batavia in the VOC Era, 1619 - 1799
Linda Robertus, Griffith University, Australia

The Making and Unmaking of Makan (Eating): The Boundaries of Foods in Colonial
Encounters in the Indian Ocean
Kathleen Burke, National University of Singapore

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