dimanche 16 janvier 2022

Histoire de l'invalidité dans les objets et le patrimoine

"Invisible and Underrepresented?": Disability history in objects and heritage

Call for Papers

22nd and 23rd March 2022

Online via Zoom

This conference seeks to highlight the work of researchers who are investigating object-based histories of disability and/or the place of disability and disabled people in museums, archives and heritage institutions. The experiences and histories of disabled people, like other marginalised groups, are often absent from the museum or archive. However, due to disabled people’s unique relation to the material world (Ott, 2018), objects can be drawn upon by the heritage industry to bring disabled people and their narratives into the public consciousness.

We hope to create spaces to foster further discussion around these topics, alongside presenting these ideas and methodologies to those not within the study of disability or disability history. Ideally, talks will be orientated both towards those within the academic and heritage sectors, promoting further work between the two. We are particularly keen to highlight work being undertaken by PhD students.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

● Absence/invisibility of disability in museums and archives ● Objects and material culture of disability ● Highlighting disability in existing archives and collections ● Methodologies in the study of disability history ● How we interpret disability historically / the ethics of display ● Democratising disability heritage / barriers to access in academia and heritage ● Activism and museums / Heritage as a site of activism ● Disability in art and heritage ● Changing language and terminology of disability / tackling offensive language in the archive ● Disability and other intersectional identities and histories ● Problematic commemoration of disabled people / historical supercrips

Papers will be 20 minutes long.

Please send a 200 word (max.) abstract to underrephistory22@gmail.com<mailto:underrephistory22@gmail.com>, along with a brief bio and the best email address to contact you on.

The deadline for these will be 11:59pm (GMT) on Friday 21st January 2022.

Please note that to ensure accessibility, successful speakers will be contacted to detail any terminology that may need to be explained for BSL translators. For any further accessibility details for speakers, please contact underrephistory22@gmail.com<mailto:underrephistory22@gmail.com>.

Funding for this event is provided by the AHRC and the British Museum, as part of the Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) programme.

This conference is organised by three UK-based PhD students whose research projects are being funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council's (AHRC) Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) programme.

* Louise Bell is a second year PhD student at the University of Leeds, undertaking a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership with The National Archives. Her research explores British state provision of prosthetic limbs in the two world wars, with a particular focus on the prostheses themselves and the lives of the men who used them.

* Sam Brady is a third year PhD student with the University of Glasgow, undertaking a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership with the National Paralympic Heritage Trust. His research explores the political, social and technological history of sporting wheelchairs, and he has conducted a number of oral history interviews to build up an archive of information about this subject. Sam also has other research interests regarding the intersectionality of disability with other marginalised groups, such as racial and ethnic minorities.

* Isabelle Lawrence is a third year PhD student with the University of Leicester School of Museum Studies, undertaking a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership with the British Museum. Her research is concerned with the way collaborative methodologies can be utilised to improve disability representation in museums. In particular, she is interested in how involving people with lived experience of disability in decision making

Conference website: https://underrephistory22.mystrikingly.com/

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/UnderrepHist22

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