samedi 27 novembre 2021

Les manuscrits arabes de Maïmonide

The Medical Works of Moses Maimonides: New English Translations based on the Critical Editions of the Arabic Manuscripts

Gerrit Bos

Brill, Leiden;
Paperback; 675 pp., €49.00).
ISBN is 978-90-04-49887-7

This edition contains the collected English translations of the series The Medical Works of Moses Maimonides (17 vols., 2002–2021) that were published by Gerrit Bos in parallel critical editions along with the original Arabic texts. The collection offers three main medical treatises by Maimonides (1138–1204) ( Medical Aphorisms; Commentary on Hippocrates’ Aphorisms; On Poisons and the Protection against Lethal Drugs and six minor ones ( On Coitus; On the Regimen of Health; On the Elucidation of Some Symptoms and the Response to Them; On Hemorrhoids; On Asthma; On Rules Regarding the Practical Part of the Medical Art, presented for the first time in one harmonized volume, supplemented by indexes of diseases, medicinal ingredients, and quoted physicians.

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