mardi 19 octobre 2021

Anatomie et art


British Art Studies Journal Special Issue 

The British Art Studies editorial team is delighted to present our twentieth issue:


• Victorian Anatomical Atlases and Their Many Lives (and Deaths), introduction by Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

• Anatomy in Context: Conversations in the Wellcome Collection, London, filmed by Jonathan Law with Ludmilla Jordanova and William Schupbach

• Bloodlines: Circulating the Male Body Across Borders in Art and Anatomy 1780–1860, by Anthea Callen

• Black Apollo: Aesthetics, Dissection, and Race in Joseph Maclise's Surgical Anatomy, by Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

• Mr Joseph Maclise and the Epistemology of the Anatomical Closet, by Michael Sappol

• Joseph Maclise, Taylor & Walton, and Publishing on Gower Street in the 1840s, by William Schupbach

• "It Should Be on Every Surgeon's Table": The Reception and Adoption of Joseph Maclise's Surgical Anatomy (1851) in the United States, by Naomi Slipp


• Slade, London, Asia: Contrapuntal Histories between Imperialism and Decolonization 1945–1989 (Part 1), by Liz Bruchet and Ming Tiampo

• Slade, London, Asia: Animating the Archive (Part 1), Animating the Archive feature by Liz Bruchet and Ming Tiampo


• "Everything I Learnt About Activism I Learnt in King's Lynn": Gustav Metzger's Formative Years in King's Lynn, by Jonathan P. Watts

• Lady of Silences: The Enigmatic Photo-Text Work of Zarina Bhimji, by Allison K. Young


• British Art after Brexit, convened by the editorial team

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