lundi 28 juin 2021

Perspectives historiques sur la santé et le genre

Historical perspectives on health and gender

Women Historians’ Forum 3rd annual meeting

Online 6th July, 2021. Please register here

Simultaneous translation to English, Hebrew, and Arabic will be available

14:10: Opening remarks: Efrat Ben Shoshan-Gazit (Women Historians’ Forum, Tel-Aviv University)

Between the Medical Establishment and Underprivileged Communities in Israel
Chair: Mary Haddad (Women Historians’ Forum, Tel-Aviv University)

Maayan Nahari (The Amram Association; Tel-Aviv University)
Look at this One, a Milking Cow: Doctors, Nurses and Immigrant Women
in the Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children Affair

Nihaya Daoud (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Socio-economic, Ethno-National and Religious Mechanisms for Segregation and Inequitable in Hospital Maternity Care

Natalie Haziza (Harvard University)
Traces of Absence: How the trauma of the Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan
Kidnapped Children Affair is present in home movies and photographs.

Discussant: Heba Yazbak

Sexuality, Gender and Authority
Chair: Salwa Alenat (Women Historians’ Forum, Tel-Aviv University, The Open University)

Ilan Aronin (Hebrew University)
Sexology in the Service of Religion: Sex and Sexuality in Modernist Qur'an Exegesis
from the First Half of the 20th Century

Tara Stephan (Hampden-Sydney College)
Ibn al-Hajj’s Al-Madkhal: Female Authority and Health

Tali Buskila (Hebrew University)
Between Mothers and Physicians: Perceptions of Midwifery in the Jewish Communities of the Pre-Modern Middle East

Anabella Esperanza (Hebrew University)
Kanlı-ebe (Bloody Midwives): Abortion, Jewish Midwives and the Ottoman State

Discussant: Noor Falah (Women Historians’ Forum, Tel-Aviv University)

Female Health Practitioners
Chair: Na’ama Ben-Ze’ev (Women Historians’ Forum)

Noa Hazan (CUNY)
Feminism, Hygiene, and Oranges: When Hadassah Nurses Arrived to Dispel Palestine Darkness

Sharon Maftsir (Haifa University, Women Historians’ Forum)
A (Female) Country Doctor in Egypt: The Life and Times of Nawal el-Saadawi

Hagit Krik (Hebrew University)
Female, Single and Professional: British Nurses in Mandate Palestine

Discussant: Nicole Khayat (Women Historians’ Forum, Tel-Aviv University)

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