jeudi 10 juin 2021

Le dernier numéro de Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine

Volume 34, Issue 2, May 2021

Original Articles

‘“These Findings Confirm Conclusions Many Have Arrived at by Intuition or Common Sense”: Water, Quantification and Cost-effectiveness at the World Bank, ca. 1960 to 1995’
Christian McMillen

Picturing the Unusual: Uncertainty in the Historiography of Medical Photography
Lukas Engelmann
The Promise and Demise of LSD Psychotherapy in Norway
Per Haave, Willy Pedersen

The Pasts, Presents and Futures of AIDS, Norway (1983–1996)
Ketil Slagstad

Professionalisation and Professionalism: Diphtheria and Medical Practice in Minnesota 1850–1910
Alan R Rushton

Dissecting the Student Experience at Australian Medical Schools, 1884–1912
Eugenia Pacitti

Who Cared? Locating Caregivers in Chronicles of the Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Crusades
Joanna Phillips

Modelling Authority: Obstetrical Machines in the Instruction of Midwives and Surgeons in Eighteenth-Century Italy
Jennifer F Kosmin

‘Bad for the Health of the Body, Worse for the Health of the Mind’: Female Responses to Imprisonment in England, 1853–1869
Rachel Bennett

“No one may starve in the British Empire”: Kwashiorkor, Protein and the Politics of Nutrition Between Britain and Africa
John Nott

Cultivating China’s Cinchona: The Local Developmental State, Global Botanic Networks and Cinchona Cultivation in Yunnan, 1930s–1940s
Yubin Shen

Managing Colonial Diets: Wartime Nutritional Science on the Korean Population, 1937–1945
Sunho Ko

Leprosy and the Colonial Gaze: Comparing the Dutch West and East Indies, 1750–1950
Stephen Snelders, Leo van Bergen, Frank Huisman

Confronting an Emergency: The Vaccination Campaign Against Meningitis in Brazil (1974–1975)
Baptiste Baylac-Paouly

Hanbang Healing for the World: The Eastern Medicine Renaissance in 1930s Japan-ruled Korea
James Flowers
Book Reviews

Helen King, Hippocrates Now: The ‘Father of Medicine’ in the Internet Age
Jane Draycott

Adam J. Davis, The Medieval Economy of Salvation: Charity, Commerce and the Rise of the Hospital
Tiffany Ziegler

Sethina Watson, On Hospitals: Welfare, Law, and Christianity in Western Europe, 400-1320
Claire Burridge
Noelle Gallagher, Itch, Clap, Pox: Venereal Disease in the Eighteenth-Century Imagination
Alanna Skuse

Chieko Nakajima, Body, Society, and Nation: The Creation of Public Health and Urban Culture in Shanghai
Freddie Stephenson

Erin-Marie Legacey, Making Space for the Dead: Catacombs, Cemeteries, and the Reimagining of Paris, 1780-1830
Abigail Fields

Heinrich Hartmann, The Body Populace: Military Statistics and Demography in Europe before the First World War
Elise Smith

Martin Summers, Madness in the City of Magnificent Intentions: A History of Race and Mental Illness in the Nation’s Capital
Dennis Doyle

Pierre-Yves Donzé, Making Medicine a Business: X-ray Technology, Global Competition, and the Transformation of the Japanese Medical System, 1895-1945
Hoi-Eun Kim

Lucas Richert, Strange Trips: Science, Culture, and the Regulation of Drugs
Dan Malleck

Daniel Navon, Mobilizing Mutations: Human Genetics in the Age of Patient Advocacy
Nicole C Nelson

Amelia Bonea, Melissa Dickson, Sally Shuttleworth and Jennifer Wallis, Anxious Times: Medicine and Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Michael Sappol
Jessica Wang, Mad Dogs and Other New Yorkers: Rabies, Medicine and Society in an American Metropolis, 1840–1920
Alison Skipper
Daniel A. Rodríguez, The Right to Live in Health: Medical Politics in Postindependence Havana
Ann Zulawski

Jonathan M. Berman, Anti-Vaxxers: How to Challenge a Misinformed Movement
Alison Day

Jaipreet Virdi, Hearing Happiness: Deafness Cures in History
Susan Burch

Marion Andrea Schmidt, Eradicating Deafness? Genetics, Pathology and Diversity in Twentieth-Century America
Coreen McGuire
Eelco F. M. Wijdicks, Cinema, MD: A History of Medicine on Screen.
Raquel Medina


Mapmaking and Mapthinking: Cancer as a Problem of Place in Nineteenth–century England
Agnes Arnold-Forster

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