lundi 3 mai 2021

Colloque conjoint SCHM-ACHN

2021 Joint Conference Canadian Society for the History of Medicine & Canadian Association for the History of Nursing

1-2 June 2021



08:00-08:15 PDT / 11:00-11:15 EDT
Welcoming Remarks | Mot d’ouverture

08:15-09:15 PDT / 11:15-12:15 EDT
Paterson Lecture | Conférence Paterson

Cindy Blackstock

09:15-09:30 PDT / 12 h 15-12 h 30 EDT
Break | Pause

09:30-10:50 PDT / 12 h 30-13 h 50 HAE
Concurrent Sessions A1& A2 Séances simultanées

09:30-10:50 PDT / 12:30-13:50 EDT
Session A1 Indigenous Histories & Methodologies | Histoires et méthodologies autochtones

Chair and Commentator/Présidente et commentatrice : Erin Millions

An “Inadequate Indian Boy”
Kathryn McKay

Two-Eyed Seeing as a Strategic Dichotomy
* Alysha McFadden

“More a matter for Medical men”: The Mi’kmaq and the King’s Road Reserve Removal in Sydney, Nova Scotia
* Courtney Mrazek

Denise’s Principle: Arctic Mercy Flights and The Legacy of ‘The Marten Hartwell Story’
Travis Hay

09:30-10:50 PDT / 12:30-13:50 EDT
Session A2 Trauma & War | Le traumatisme et la guerre

Chair and Commentator/Président.e et commentateur.e : TBD

“She tried to carry on”: Wartime Trauma and Nursing Sisters in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1960
Lyndsay Rosenthal

Shell Shock in Maritime Nursing Sisters of the First World War
* Delaney Beck

Veterans, Institutionalisation, and the Politics of Care, 1918-1939
* Heather Ellis

Inhabiting War: The First World War Photographs of Afreda Attrill
Andrea McKenzie

10:50-12:00 PDT / 13:50-15:00 EDT
Break | Pause

12:00-13:20 PDT / 15:00-16:20 EDT
Concurrent Sessions B1& B2 Séances simultanées

12:00-13:20 PDT / 15:00-16:20 EDT
Session B1 Drugs, Medications & Toxicity | Les drogues, les médicaments et la toxicité
Chair and Commentator/Présidente et commentatrice : Catherine Carstairs

Debating urine sugar testing post insulin discovery
Elizabeth Neswald

The Roots of Racial Stereotypes on Drug Abuse: The Case of Opium from Hippocrates to Nietzsche
* Edoardo Pierini, Université de Genève

Race, Reporting, and the ‘Jake Leg’
Stephen Mawdsley

The Introduction of Insulin Therapy into Ireland
* Lauren Young

12:00-13:20 PDT / 15:00-16:20 EDT
Session B2 The Borders and Boundaries of Professional Education and Work | Les frontières et les limites de la formation professionnelle et du travail
Chair and Commentator/Présidente et commentatrice : Jacalyn Duffin

From Bedside to Bench and Back: A Canadian story of research into multiple myeloma
Fedir Razumenko

“Not sophisticated … but savvy”: Indigenous Non-Professionals at Lincoln Hospital Mental Health Services in the Bronx, 1965-1970
Matthew Smith

Reconciling Mission and Accreditation: Catholic Ideals and Institutional Transformation
Susan Lamb

*Enrico Moretto

13:20-13:30 PDT / 16:20-16:30 EDT
Break | Pause

13:30-14:50 PDT / 16:30-17:50 EDT
Concurrent Sessions C1& C2 Séances simultanées

13:30-14:50 PDT / 16:30-17:50 EDT

Session C1 The Great White North: Canadian Healthcare, Health Care Providers, Patients, and the Construct of “Whiteness” | Le Grand Nord blanc : les soins de santé au Canada, les prestataires de soins et la construction de la « blanchité » 

Chair and Commentator/Présidente et commentrice : Helen Vandenberg

Northern Exposures: Solar Winds, Space Physics and Settler Imaginings of Inuit Cancer
* Jennifer Fraser

Worthy of Providing Care: Japanese-Canadian Health Care Providers during Internment
* Letitia B. Johnson

A White Movement in a White Space?: Birth Control Outreach Education, Whiteness, & Difference Feminism in 1970s Southern Alberta
* Karissa Robyn Patton

In This Space, But Not Of It: First World War Canadian Nursing Sisters in Greece and Egypt
Suzanna Wagner

13:30-14:50 PDT / 16:30-17:50 EDT
Session C2 Technology, Materiality, and Medical Knowledge | La technologie, la matérialité et la connaissance médicale
Chair and Commentator/Présidente et commentatrice : Shelley McKellar

An open source “PROMIS”: The development of the MUFFIN electronic medical record, 1988-2000
* Daniel Huang

The Impact of Sports and the Athlete in Shaping Medical Knowledge
Matthew Mossey

Mad-house Technology in Enlightened Britain
* Erin Paterson

Air, Ventilation, and Fumigation: Creating Healthy Environments in British Naval Hospitals and Hospital Ships
E. Spinney

15:00-16:00 PDT / 18:00-19:00 EDT
CSHM Annual General Meeting | Assemblée annuelle de la SCHM


08:00-09:20 PDT / 11:00-12:20 EDT
Concurrent Sessions D1& D2 Séances simultanées

08:00-09:20 PDT / 11:00-12:20 EDT

Session D1 Events Revisited: Indigenous and Black Perspectives & the Importance of Memory | Revoir les événements : les perspectives des Noirs et des Autochtones et l’importance de la mémoire
Chair and Commentator/Président.e et commentateur.e: TBD

Sacred Medicine Songs of the Anishinaabeg in Ontario
Bimadoshka Pucan

Death of Tecumseh: perspectives of history
Vivian C. McAlister

Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Canada's the first native-born Black physician, and the Toronto General Hospital
Catherine Slaney

Buxton Mission School and the Freedmen's Hospital in the US Civil War
Shannon Prince

08:00-09:20 PDT / 11:00-12:20 EDT
Session D2 Women and Medical Challenges | Les femmes et les enjeux médicaux
Chair and Commentator/Présidente et commentatrice : Jenna Healey

Childbirth “Choice” and Obstetric Violence in Twentieth-Century Canada
Whitney Wood

Rethinking Hierarchies of Trust: Encouraging participation of remote and rural communities in participatory genetic programs in 1980s Newfoundland
Leslie Digdon

A Troubled Triangle: Biography, Eugenics and Dr. Helen MacMurchy (1862–1953)
Elizabeth Koester

Imperial Pathways of Mobility: Doctoring Women and the American Surgical Enterprise in Iran, 1888-1940
Lydia Wytenbroek

09:20-09:30 PDT / 12:20-12:30 EDT
Break | Pause

09:30-10:50 PDT / 12:30-13:50 EDT
Concurrent Sessions E1& E2 Séances simultanées

09:30-10:50 PDT / 12:30-13:50 EDT

Session E1 Colonialism, Race, and Affect | La colonialisme, la race et l’affect
Chair and Commentator/Président et commentateur : Suman Seth

Racialized Medicine and Drug Policy in the American Philippines
* Eva Ward

Self-Esteem, Black Activist Politics and the Rise of the Therapeutic State
Ian Miller

Margret Joyce Fields and Colonial Psychiatry in Ghana, 1930-1960
* Richard Oware

Reclaiming the role of food security in health history: Evidence from Colonial South Asia | Pour la réappropriation du rôle de la sécurité alimentaire dans l’histoire de la santé : le cas de l’Asie du sud
Sheila Zurbrigg

Affective Containment at Panama’s Palo Seco Leprosarium
Caroline Lieffers

09:30-10:50 PDT / 12:30-13:50 EDT

Session E2 Constructing and Challenging Disability, 1950s-1990s | Construire et remettre en question le handicap (années 1950 - années 1990)
Chair and Commentator/Présidente et commentatrice : Beth Linker

Re-Design: Gender and User Modification of Hearing Aids
Jaipreet Virdi

Disability Issues and Psychology: Professionals with Disabilities Advocate for Inclusion
Andrew J. Hogan

Adapting Psychedelic Therapy to Children: Gary Fisher’s Treatment of Autistic and Schizophrenic Children in the 1960s
* Andrew Jones

Clara and Jessica Park: Challenging expectations for autistic people in the 1960s
Marga Vicedo

10:50-12:00 PDT/ 13:50-15:00 EDT
Break | Pause

12:00-13:00 PDT / 15:00-16:00 EDT

Hannah Lecture

Nicole Barnes

13:00-14:30 PDT / 16:00 – 17:30 EDT

Book Launch, Awards, and Closing Remarks


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