mardi 26 janvier 2021

La défense de la médecine expérimentale

Humane Professions. The Defence of Experimental Medicine, 1876–1914

Rob Boddice, Tampere University

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Expected online publication date: January 2021
Online ISBN: 9781108780087

In this compelling history of the co-ordinated, transnational defence of medical experimentation in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Rob Boddice explores the experience of vivisection as humanitarian practice. He captures the rise of the professional and specialist medical scientist, whose métier was animal experimentation, and whose guiding principle was 'humanity' or the reduction of the aggregate of suffering in the world. He also highlights the rhetorical rehearsal of scientific practices as humane and humanitarian, and connects these often defensive professions to meaningful changes in the experience of doing science. Humane Professions examines the strategies employed by the medical establishment to try to cement an idea in the public consciousness: that the blood spilt in medical laboratories served a far-reaching human good.

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