mardi 29 septembre 2020

Les représentations de l'oeil depuis l'Antiquité

Eye Representation and Ocular Terminology from Antiquity to Helmholtz

Dominique Raynaud


Kugler Publications
636 pages.
ISBN: 978-90-6299-468-7

This book is a continuation of the research on the representation of the eye initiated by Prof. Ludwig Choulant (University of Dresden) and Prof. Hugo Magnus (University of Breslau) at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The aim of the book is to provide all those who need information on how the eye was conceived in a given historical context, with clear and concise iconographic and lexicographic data. The first section contains about 700 images of the eye (first handwritten, then printed) distributed among 450 authors. Each record reproduces the figures of the eye with their own specific anatomical terminology. The second section provides a cluster analysis of the eye figures: the result is a dendrogram, which accounts for the main types of representation of the eye found in the history of ocular anatomy. The work is complemented by a 40-page Index of Concepts containing all the anatomical terms found in the book.

Because of the slightest disciplinary partitioning that prevailed until the 19th century – note that Huygens and Newton studied both optics and eye anatomy – the book is aimed at a wide audience: science historians (geometric and physical optics), medical historians (ocular anatomy and ophthalmology), art historians (drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture), and social scientists interested in vision (psychology and anthropology of visual perception, for example).

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