samedi 18 avril 2020

Florence Nightingale, féministe ?

Was Florence Nightingale a Feminist?

Virtual Book Club for Nurses’ Day & Feminist Book Fortnight

RCN Library and Archive Service and LSE Library

12 May, 1-2pm

Join RCN and LSE libraries for a virtual book club on the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth to explore her essay Cassandra and other feminist writings of Nightingale’s era.

Before she became the “lady with the lamp” 32-year-old Florence Nightingale penned a furious essay, transforming her despair about the forced idleness of upper-class Victorian women into a rebellious anger that fuelled her determination to undertake useful work. Written in 1852, just two years before Nightingale went to the Crimea, Cassandra was printed privately in 1860 but not published until 1928 and was republished by a feminist press in 1978.

Nightingale herself had an ambiguous reputation within the women’s movement as she refused to join the women’s suffrage campaign, yet her work and legacy was an inspiration to women who wanted a profession.

Please register to attend, and a link will be circulated in advance with instructions on how to join the meeting. All tickets must be booked individually.

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