samedi 29 février 2020

La psychologie à partir des marges

Psychology from the Margins

Volume 2 (2020)

A Historical Analysis of the Vocational Guidance of Women
Nuha Alshabani, Alejandra Gonzalez Lopez, Erika L. Graham, and Samsara Soto

Towards an Eternity: Celebrating The Association of Black Psychologists’ 50th Anniversary
Evan Auguste and Brittany M. Griffin

Understanding the Work Experiences of Gender and Sexual Minorities: Advances, Issues, and New Directions in Research
Marc Cubrich

The History of Lobotomies: Examining its Impacts on Marginalized Groups and the Development of Psychosurgery
Simon Godin and Brett LeBlanc

Black Psychology: A Forerunner of Positive Psychology
Aaron Bethea

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