jeudi 30 janvier 2020

Santé et société dans l'Europe moderne

Health and Society in Early Modern Europe

Call for papers 

Stockholm University, 10 June 2020

Notions and practices relating to health are integral to any society. They determine not only how the body is treated when ill or injured, but also shape ideals and practices relating to wide-ranging issues such as war, city planning, the preparation of food and sexual behaviour. In early modern Europe, health was a concept informed by religious norms, medical discourses and lay practices. Crucially, it was historically situated and underwent significant change in the period between the late middle ages and the modern era.

The Early Modern Seminar at Stockholm University arranges a one day workshop on 10 June 2020, bringing together historians working on ideas and practices related to health in early modern society Scholars interested in exploring early modern society from the viewpoint of health are invited to propose papers. The organizers particularly welcomes papers that represent work in progress. The aim with the workshop is to create a forum for a crossdisciplinary and creative discussion on the history of health and society in early modern Europe.

Deadline for submitting paper proposals is 15 March 2020. Submissions should include name and affiliation of applicant, and a 200 word abstract of the proposed paper. Proposals should be sent to Indicate in your email if you have need of economic support for hotel and/or transportation to Stockholm. We have some limited funds to assist towards reimbursing travel costs.

Contact and more information:

Dr. Charlotta Forss Dr. Mari Eyice

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