samedi 25 janvier 2020

La culture sexuelle dans l'Allemagne des années 1970

Sexual Culture in Germany in the 1970s. A Golden Age for Queers?

Afken, Janin, Wolf, Benedikt (Eds.)

Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN 978-3-030-27426-9

This book is the first attempt to present a comprehensive picture of LGBT culture in the two German states in the 1970s. Starting from the common view of the decade between the moderation of the German anti-sodomy law in 1968 (East) and 1969 (West) and the first documented case of AIDS (1982) as a ‘golden age’ for queer politics and culture, this edited collection traces the way this impression has been shaped by cultural production. The chapters ask: What exactly made the 1970s a 'legendary decade'? What was its revolutionary potential and what were its path-breaking political and aesthetic strategies? Which elements, movements and memories had to be marginalized in order to facilitate the historical construction of the 'legendary decade'? Exploring the complex picture of gay, lesbian and – to a lesser extent – trans cultures from this time, the volume provides fascinating insights into both canonized and marginalized texts and films from and about the decade.

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