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Homéopathie en Amérique latine et en Espagne

História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos

vol.26 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Oct./Dec. 2019

Editor's Note
The history of science and Qualis
Cueto, Marcos

 Invited Editors' Note
In defense of sources in uncertain times
Heymann, Luciana; Rodrigues, Rogério Rosa


The death and the miracles of brother Fabian of Christ: connections between religious beliefs and healing in eighteenth-century Rio de Janeiro
Martins, William de Souza

Miracle cures: advertisements for various medications in the Santa Fe press, Argentina (1890 -1918)
Sedran, Paula María; Carbonetti, Adrián

The concept of the regionalization of the Sistema Único de Saúde and its historical time
Mello, Guilherme Arantes; Demarzo, Marcelo; Viana, Ana Luiza D’Ávila

“About my love for Paraguay and the Guarani race:” the ideas and projects of the naturalist and botanist Moisés Santiago Bertoni (1857-1929)
Fleck, Eliane Cristina Deckmann

Franco Basaglia: biography of a revolutionary
Serapioni, Mauro


Education and health propaganda: repercussions of a Brazilian sanitarian’s training at the Rockefeller Foundation
Batista, Ricardo dos Santos

Research Note

From the Hospício de Pedro II to the Hospital Nacional de Alienados: a hundred years of records (1841-1944)
Dias, Allister Andrew Teixeira; Capela, Raisa Monteiro


Instruments, objects, and collections as sources for the history of science education
Gomes, Inês

Sources for a history of the Manguinhos Hospital
Guimarães, Maria Regina Cotrim

Dossier Homeopathy in Latin America and Spain

Homeopathy in Latin America and Spain: local developments and international networks
Berrones, Jethro Hernández; Palma, Patricia


Breaking the boundaries of professional regulation: medical licensing, foreign influence, and the consolidation of homeopathy in Mexico
Berrones, Jethro Hernández

George Deacon and the circulation of homeopathic therapies in Lima (1880-1915)
Palma, Patricia

Spread of homeopathy in the early nineteenth century: the comparative approach and the cases of Sweden and Brazil
Waisse, Silvia; Eklöf, Motzi

Ties between homeopathy and Spiritism in Rio Grande do Sul at the turn of the twentieth century
Weber, Beatriz Teixeira

Homeopathy, alternative medicine: between counterculture, the New Era, and formalization (Brazil, 1970s)
Sigolo, Renata Palandri

The “homeopathic specific:” commercial legitimization of homeopathy in Barcelona (1902-1910)
Buisan, Joel Piqué

Defending entitlement: struggles and fate of the practice of homeopathy in Colombia (1905-1950)
Orrego, Victoria Estrada; Valderrama, Jorge Márquez

Homeopathy in the public health service: pre-assessment of activities in Recife, Pernambuco
Lima, Sebastianjorge Florêncio Ferreira de; Cazarin, Gisele; Vanderlei, Carlos Eduardo Danzi

Books & Networks

Plausibility of the homeopathic scientific model in contemporary Brazilian medicine
Teixeira, Marcus Zulian

Eugenics, crisis, and the uncertainties of the future
Wegner, Robert

Alarm and vigilance, oblivion and resistance: the historical evolution of poliomyelitis in Argentina
Ferreyra, Fausto Gabriel

From the species point of view
Costa Jr., José

The legacy of Hypnos
Novella, Enric

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