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La cécité sous différents angles

Seeing Blindness through Different Lenses: Insights from Myth, Media, Music, Medicine & More

Call for Chapters

Vision loss and blindness have been in the "line of sight" of artists and academicians from many fields. Both patients and health professionals concern themselves with blindness, present or impending. This edited collection includes innovative ideas about vision loss, ranging from science fiction stories about restoring lost vision to religious or mythological tales about the causes of or cures for blindness to articles about contemporary artists or Old Masters who depict sightless subjects or who create unique art because of their own vision changes to sculptors who "see" with their tactile senses to chronicles of musicians who create--or appreciate--via their acoustic abilities. We seek to include metaphorical as well as literal approaches to this topic. (For instance, essays about blind characters in film as metaphors for color-blindness during the Civil Rights era or essays about language that includes--or excludes--allusions ot vision are welcome.) Although this collection was inspired by clinical experiences of the psychiatrist-editor, and began as a series of case presentations for psychiatry-specific conferences, the editor seeks to compile new, non-medical perspectives about blindness, color-blindness, and vision challenges. Chapters are 3,000-4,000 words each and first drafts are due June 1, 2020. The book is under contract with a recognized academic publisher. The editor has written or edited about 10 books, (and many chapters), Most of her books appear on Choice's highly recommended or essential list.

Pl send a 1-2 sentence query about your topic(s) of interest before forwarding a precis so that we can ensure that your chosen topic is still available. We are happy to collaborate with interested contributors. Pl include a short bio and forward to

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Sharon Packer, M.D.

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