mardi 24 septembre 2019

Le dernier numéro de History of Psychiatry

History of Psychiatry

Volume 30 Issue 3, September 2019


The Baldovan Institution Abuse Inquiry: a forgotten scandal

David May

The influence of Max Weber on the concept of empathic understanding (Verstehen) in the psychopathology of Karl Jaspers

Massimiliano Aragona

‘Dementia praecocissima’: the Sante De Sanctis model of mental disorder in child psychiatry in the 20th century

Giorgia Morgese, Giovanni Pietro Lombardo

The ‘Poitrot Report’, 1945: the first public document on Nazi euthanasia

Thomas Müller, Bernd Reichelt

The introduction of leucotomy in Germany: National Socialism, émigrés, a divided Germany and the development of neurosurgery

Lara Rzesnitzek

The Kirkbride buildings in contemporary culture (1850–2015): from ‘moral management’ to horror films

Francisco Pérez-Fernández, Francisco López-Muñoz

How amytal changed psychopharmacy: off-label uses of sodium amytal (1920–40)

Ariel Gershon, Edward Shorter

Classic Text No. 119

Jules Bernard Luys on magnetic pathology

Carlos S Alvarado

Essay Review

Psychiatry in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia

Aleksandra Brokman

Book Reviews

Book Review: Allan V Horwitz, PTSD: A Short History

Paige L Sweet

Book Review: Paul David Blanc, Fake Silk: The Lethal History of Viscose Rayon

Vicky Long

Book Review: Erika Dyck and Alex Deighton, Managing Madness: Weyburn Mental Hospital and the Transformation of Psychiatric Care in Canada

C Elizabeth Koester

Book Review: Gianetta Rands (ed.), Women’s Voices in Psychiatry: A Collection of Essays

Erin J Lux

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