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Histoires de la psychologie de la santé

History/ies of Health Psychology/ies

Journal of Health Psychology, Volume 23, Issue 3, March 2018

Guest Editor : Ian Lubek and Michael Murray

Doing Histor{y/ies} of Health Psycholog{y/ies}
Ian Lubek, Michael Murray

The rapid expansion of (mainstream) health psychology in France: Historical foundations
Marie Santiago-Delefosse, Maria del Rio Carral

A journey in the field of health: From social psychology to multi-disciplinarity
Claudine Herzlich

Interlaced strands: Health psychology in Brazil from an autobiographic perspective
Mary Jane P Spink

‘Health psychology’ or ‘psychology for health’? A history of psychologists’ engagement with health in South Africa
Jeffery Yen, Oriana Vaccarino

Health psychology in Ghana: A review of the multidisciplinary origins of a young sub-field and its future prospects

Ama de-Graft Aikins

A journey to HIV prevention research: From social psychology to social health via multidisciplinarity
Susan Kippax

Critical health psychology in New Zealand: Developments, directions and reflections
Kerry Chamberlain, Antonia C Lyons, Christine Stephens

The pre-history of health psychology in the United Kingdom: From natural science and psychoanalysis to social science, social cognition and beyond
Michael Murray

Notes on the development of health psychology and behavioral medicine in the United States
Ian Lubek, Monica Ghabrial, Naomi Ennis, Sara Crann, Amanda Jenkins, Michelle Green, Joel Badali, William Salmon, Janice Moodley, Elizabeth Sulima, Jefferey Yen, Kieran O’Doherty, Paula Barata

Health psychology in autobiography: Three Canadian critical narratives
Henderikus J Stam, Michael Murray, Ian Lubek

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