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Le corps matériel

The Material Body: An Interdisciplinary Study Using History and Archaeology

Call for papers

Our project tries to develop new ways of studying the body in the post-medieval past by facilitating conversations and collaborative research between archaeologists and historians.

Since 2016, we have drawn on the insights of the two disciplines of Archaeology and History, to explore an interdisciplinary approach to bodies 'in the 'long early modern' or post-medieval past'. Embodiment transcended the physical body. Therefore our approach seeks to explore the body as both a physical and material object, and one made through the lived experience of society and culture. Our hypothesis is that we can better understand the body and its role in the human past by bringing together historians of the body with archaeologists who work with the remains of those bodies.

In a series of workshops we have brought together scholars from the disciplines of Archaeology and History to work collaboratively with historical documents and osteoarchaeological material from the collections of the University of Sheffield. We have produced several reports on potential areas of interdisciplinary research and some of the resulting work will be presented at our major conference.

The conference for the project, ‘The Material Body, 1500-1900: A Conference of Archaeologists and Historians’, will take place 4-5 July 2018 at the University of Birmingham. We are currently inviting proposals for 20-minute papers for the deadline of 16th February:
Download a PDF of the call for papers
Project investigators
Dr Elizabeth Craig-Atkins (Archaeology, University of Sheffield)
Professor Karen Harvey (History, University of Birmingham)
Contact us
Twitter: @KHarveyHistory and @ecraigatkins

Funded by The British Academy

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