dimanche 28 janvier 2018

Histoire des cosmétiques naturels

From Past to Present: Natural Cosmetics Unwrapped


15th February 2018
Royal Pharmaceutical Society, E1W 1AW, London, UK

9:00–9:30 Registration

9:30–11:10 Session 1: Literary, documentary and archaeological evidence for cosmetics in ancient and historical periods

· Francisco B. Gomes, University of Lisbon: ‘Mediterranean unguents and perfumes in the Western Iberian Iron Age: current data and challenges for future research’

· Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, Cardiff University: ‘Beautiful to behold is the king’: Cosmetics and the Masculine Ideal in the Ancient Near East’

· Mira Cohen Starkman, Wingate Institute: ‘Cosmetics recipes from the Bible, Talmud and Medical Literature in Ladino’

· Kathleen Walker-Meikle, Kings College London: ‘Wrinkles and recipes: Hieronymus Mercurialis on beautifying skin’

11:10–11:30 Coffee break

11:30–12:45 Session 2: Scientific analysis and experimental reconstruction of ancient and historical cosmetics

· Josefina Perez-Arantegui, University of Zaragoza: ‘Characterisation of contents in archaeological objects to highlight ancient cosmetic preparations by a multi-analytical approach’

· Maria Cristina Gamberini, University of Modena: ‘Red pigments for Phoenicians and experimental reconstruction for ancient ointments’

· Effie Photos-Jones, University of Glasgow: ‘The colour white (and off-white): cosmetics or medicines in female burials (8th-4th c BC), Attica Greece’

12:45–14:00 Lunch break

14:00–15:50 Session 3: Reception of ancient cosmetics in later historical periods and in the contemporary world

· Judith Wright, Boots: ‘The Art of Feeling Natural’

· Peter Homan, British Society for the History of Pharmacy: ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: remedies for baldness’

· Anisha Gupta, Kings College London: ‘Brush, Spit, Rinse: Oral Hygiene Throughout History’

· Julie Wakefield, Independent scholar: ‘Beautifying the Complexion: Dioscorides and the Early Modern Herbalists’

15:50–16:10 Coffee break

16:10–17:00 Guest Lecture by James Wong, expert in ethnobotany

17:00–19:00 Wine reception

To register to the conference, please go to https://t.co/uGXXmncb1p

For more information, please contact cosmetics.unwrapped@gmail.com

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