mardi 23 mai 2017

Histoire de l'hypnotisme en Europe

History of hypnotism in Europe 

Notes and Records. The Royal Society Journal of the History of Science. 20 June 2017; volume 71, issue 2

History of hypnotism in Europe and the significance of place
Andreas-Holger Maehle, Heather Wolffram


‘A portion of truth’: Demarcating the boundaries of scientific hypnotism in late nineteenth-century France
Kim M. Hajek

Hypnosis lessons by stage magnetizers: Medical and lay hypnotists in Spain
Andrea Graus

Between Charcot and Bernheim: The debate on hypnotism in fin-de-siècle Italy
Maria Teresa Brancaccio

From transnational to regional magnetic fevers: The making of a law on hypnotism in late nineteenth-century Belgium
Kaat Wils

A dangerous method? The German discourse on hypnotic suggestion therapy around 1900
Andreas-Holger Maehle

Crime and hypnosis in fin-de-siècle Germany: the Czynski case
Heather Wolffram

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