lundi 31 octobre 2016

Le trauma psychologique et les héritages de la Grande Guerre

Psychological Trauma and the Legacies of the First World War

Jason Crouthamel and Peter Leese, Editors

Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

This transnational, interdisciplinary study of traumatic neurosis moves beyond the existing histories of medical theory, welfare, and symptomatology. The essays explore the personal traumas of soldiers and civilians in the wake of the First World War; they also discuss how memory and representations of trauma are transmitted between patients, doctors and families across generations. The book argues that so far the traumatic effects of the war have been substantially underestimated. Trauma was shaped by gender, politics, and personality. To uncover the varied forms of trauma ignored by medical and political authorities, this volume draws on diverse sources, such as family archives and narratives by children of traumatized men, documents from film and photography, memoirs by soldiers and civilians. This innovative study challenges us to re-examine our approach to the complex psychological effects of the First World War.

Ch. 1 Introduction
Jason Crouthamel and Peter Leese

Part I Battles over Representations and Perceptions of Traumatized Men

Ch. 2 Losing Face: Trauma and Maxillofacial Injury in the First World War
Fiona Reid

Ch. 3 Screening Silent Resistance: Male Hysteria in First World War Medical Cinematography
Julia Barbara Köhne

Ch. 4 “Always Had a Pronouncedly Psychopathic Predisposition”: The Significance of Class and Rank in First World War German Psychiatric Discourse
Gundula Gahlen

Part II Traumatized Civilians in the Wake of the Great War

Ch. 5 Violence, Trauma and Memory in Ireland: The Psychological Impact of War and Revolution on a Liminal Society, 1916–1923
Justin Dolan Stover

Ch. 6 Gender, Memory and the Great War: The Politics of War Victimhood in Interwar Germany
Silke Fehlemann and Nils Löffelbein

Ch. 7 Subjectivities in the Aftermath: Children of Disabled Soldiers in Britain After the Great War
Michael Roper

Ch. 8 “Entrenched from Life”: The Impossible Reintegration of Traumatized French Veterans of the Great War
Marie Derrien

Part III Traumatized Medical Cultures

Ch. 9 Making Sense of War Neurosis in Yugoslavia
Heike Karge

Ch. 10 “Everything Ruined, Which Seemed Most Stable in the World…”: The German Medical Profession, the First World War and the Road to the “Third Reich”
Livia Prüll

Ch. 11 Violence and Starvation in First World War Psychiatry: Origins of the National Socialist ‘Euthanasia’ Program
Philipp Rauh

Part IV A Coda on Trauma

Ch. 12 Toward A Global History of Trauma
Mark S. Micale

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