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8e congrès de la société asiatique d'histoire de la médecine

Medicine and Modernity in Asia

The Eight Meeting of the Asian Society for the History of Medicine

September 30- October 1, 2016
IHP, Aacademia Sinica, Taiwan


Medicine has played a crucial role in constituting modernity. The history of the establishment of modern medicine and the emergence of modernity involved not only encounters with Western medicine that were often accompanied by imperialism and colonialism but also reformed traditional practice and the recovery of medical heritage in response to the challenge of modern biomedicine. It also raises the questions regarding whether there was an “alternative” modernity in the flourishing and innovative medical cultures of various Asian countries during the early modern period. The conference intends to explore this rich and complex history. 

The Eighth Meeting of the Asian Society for the History of Medicien, 2016

2016, Sep 30th (Friday)

09:00-09:20 Registration

09:20-09:30 Opening Remarks
Chi-Shing Huang (Academia Sinica)、Daiwie Fu (National Yang Ming University)

【Keynote Speech 1】 Prof. Akihito Suzuki(Keio University) :
Therapy, Care, and Punishment: The Family and the Psychiatric Hospital in Tokyo c.1920-1945.


Concurrent session A
Chair: Wen-Hua Kuo 
Akira Hashimoto/
Empire and Psychiatry: A Comparative Study on Mental Health Laws in the Former Japanese Colonies 
Who Deserves War Pension? : The Asia-Pacific War and Psychiatric Casualties in Japan

Osamu Nakamura/
Guest Houses for Mentally Ill Patients in Japan
Concurrent session B
Chair:Chia-Ling Wu
 Jia-Chen Fu/
“The Physical Examination and Schools: Chinese Medical Modernity through the Management of Child Bodies” 
 Saori Watanabe/
The Creation of Rare Diseases in Japan: Medical professions and their influence on social policy

Sujin Lee/
The Population Problem: Neo-Malthusian Reconfigurations of Reproduction in Interwar Japan
Concurrent session C
Chair:Mark Harrison

Atsuko Naono/
“State Reach and Malaria Control Programmes in the Border Areas of Burma”

Cressida Jervis Read/
'Shifting coalitions and epistemic communities for malaria control in early post-independence India'

Jeong-Ran Kim/
Malaria and Colonial Frontier in Manchuria, 1905-1940s

12:00-13:30 Lunch

Concurrent session D
Chair:Ming Chen

Bin Yang/
The Gu: Disease, Witchcraft and Sorcery, Love Magic, and Chinese Empire Building

Wenbo LIANG /
Opening up the neurochemical research of acupuncture analgesia 

Yi-Rong Lin,  Su-Tso Yang/
Replenishing life vitality——Dietary therapy for flooding and spotting

Concurrent session E
Chair: Daiwie Fu

Enforcing Modernity, Struggling with Reality: The Rural Health Units and Public Health Education in Post-World War II Philippines, 1951-1971

Olivia Anne M. Habana/
Education as Cure: Health and Nutrition in the American Period Philippines, 1900-191

Sookyeong Hong/
Toward a New Order in Medicine: Uramoto Seizaburō’s Wartime Medical Thought 

Concurrent session F
Chair:Park Yunjae

Christian Oberlaender/

Modern Medicine and the State in the 20th century - The Medical Cooperative Movement of Japan in International Context

Jayanta Bhattacharya/
Medicine in the Making of Modern India in 19th Century

Hiroshi Nunokawa/
Hygiene modernity of Japan as ambition not to come true

15:00-15:20 Tea Break

Concurrent session G
Chair: Jen-Der Lee

Eiko Saeki/
Development of Obstetrics and the Emergence of Fetal Personhood in the Late Tokugawa Period

Miao Wu/
The medicalisation of childbirth: changing historical and feminist perspectives 

Mika Suzuki/
A Doctor at a Crossroads 

Concurrent session H
Chair: Sean Hsiang-lin LEI

Chao Wang/
Inventing Blindness: Hygiene and the Social Politics of Medical Classification in the Anti-Trachoma Campaign in Republican Chin

Shenglan Li /
Gospel of Care: Nursing and Health Education in Wartime China, 1930-1945

Xiaoyang Gu/
The Battle of Survival:Manufacturing Insulin in Wartime China, 1941-1944

Luwei Yang/
“Man in the Iron Lung”: medical landscape and body politics in Republican China 

Concurrent session I
Chair: Shan-Jen Li

Patrick Chiu/

The Development of Colonial Pharmacy in Hong Kong, 1841-1940

Ming Chen/
The Encounter of modern European and Asian knowledges of materia medica: A Focus on the Xiyao Dachen

Park Yunjae /
Reconstruction of Western Medicine-centered Pharmaceutical Industry in Post-liberation Korea

Xiaomeng Liu/
A Chinese Pharmaceutical Revolution? Pharmaceutical industry and the making of “scientific national drugs”, 1919-1937

18:00 Banquet

2016, Oct 1st (Saturday)

9:00-9:20 Registration

9:20-10:10 Keynote Speech 2
 Prof. Mark Harrison (University of Oxford):

Malaria and the Dilemmas of Development: British India, 1870-1940

Concurrent session J
Chair:Hsiu-Fen Chen

Hao Chen/
1914: A Definition Moment of Writing Medical History in Modern China?

Lena Springer/
Whose History? Writers of Medical History in Modern China, and during the Pivotal 1950s

Natalie Koehle/
Chinese and Japanese Interest in Phlegm (tan 痰) 19th and the 20th Centuries

Kuo-Li Pi /
Locating Medical History in Replublican China 

Concurrent session K
Chair:Jia-Shin Chen

An International Teamwork: Mental Hygiene in 1930s-40s Shanghai

Hans Pols/
The Modernist Project of Indonesian Physicians in the Dutch East Indies and the Role of Colonial Psychiatry

Imaging Global Mental Health Research through Technology: Standardization and Boundary Objects in WHO’s First Social Psychiatry Project

A Technique for Nothingness: Hypnotism in Japan, 1900-1930 

Concurrent session L
Chair:Nicolo Paolo P. Ludovice

Eliza Alvarez, Adriel Caumban, and Dale Johannsen Ng/

Medicine, Civilization, and Consumer Culture: The Branding of Cerveza in Philippine Printed Advertisements, 1900-1910

Juan Miguel A. Cajucom, Don Christian A. Cornel, and Marjerie Brianna S. Go/

Home and Family: Cultural Affinities in the Development of Homes for the Aged in the 20th Century American Philippines

Samantha Nicole U. Roque and Eljine Mae T. Zhang /

Segregation as a Constitutional Cure: Leprosy and Personal Affliction in the 1927 Philippine Case of Angel Lorenzo vs Director of Health

Nicolo Paolo P. Ludovic/

Policing Colonial Sanitation: Disputing Cleanliness in the Case of E. Case vs. Junta Sanidad de Manila and Heiser

12:10-13:30 Lunch and ASHM Members Meeting

Concurrent session M
Chair: Shao-Hua Liu

Jane Sung Hae Kim/
Securing Peace and Attaining Health: The World Health Organization and Post–war Rehabilitation of Korea. 

Koji Ozaki/
Sensai Nagayo and the Japanese Cholera Epidemic of 1877

Kyuri Kim/
The Third Party: The role of WHO in the early years of South Korea’s national tuberculosis control policy 
 Concurrent session N
Chair: Yi-Ping Lin

Chester Proshan/
“Since the Idaho has been stationed at Yokohama…”: American Navy Physicians as Social Actors in the Yokohama Treaty Port, 1873-74

Indian Philanthropy and Modern Medicine in Colonial India

Yoshiya Makita/
In Between the West and East: Medical Activities of the Japanese Red Cross in the Northeastern Region of China

Concurrent session O

Christine Yi Lai Luk (陸伊驪)/
From a poison to a patent medicine: arsenic in Hong Kong 

Tatsuya Mitsuda/
“Animal health, veterinary knowledge, and Japanese imperial opportunities c. 1890-1940”

15:00-15:20 Tea Break

15:20-16:10 Keynote Speech 3
 Prof. Jen-der Lee (Academia Sinica)

16:10-16:40 Taniguchi Medal Award Ceremony/Closing

Tentative rules of procedure:
30 minutes for each presenter, including 10 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of discussion

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